Saturday, December 28, 2013


Dec 23

Monday was a pretty chillax day! We stayed at home most of it. We also bought matching antlers at the dollar store! 2 for a dollar! :) They jingle! :)

Tuesday we had an awesome zone conference with Elder Arnold of the seventy! It was super long though! We then had a bunch of awesome lessons that evening! It was a crazy but upper good day!

Wednesday we accidentally tracted into our dinner appointment. We got a ride and she asked where we were going and we told her the name and the street and she told us that she knew them and dropped us off. we were early though so we decided to knock some houses down the street. As we decided to head to dinner we decided to knock a certain last house and she welcomed us in as my companion told her that we were just knocking some doors before we head to dinner and she look confused and said "I am your dinner..." hahahaha. There are two Jackson families that live on that street! haha. We then stopped by a new move in! Super cute family! We are going over there today. Their little boys drew us pictures! Adorable! I will have to send a picture! Then we got picked up by the YM and YW and went caroling to less active and non member houses which was great!

Thursday we helped a Relief Society president wrap angel tree gifts! And she made us some of the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted! I will have to send you the recipe!! Then we went out and had lunch with Sister Molina's Springville mom! So cute!! :) And she gave us some gifts of her 5 most favorite things! It was so sweet! And they all had meanings! And it was so sweet for her to give me them too. There was a sweatshirt symbolizing a hug, socks for walking in Christ’s footsteps, Chocolate, the conference Ensign, and a heating pad. I'm going to have to send you a letter with everything because I forgot but super sweet! Then we went to a couple of Relief Society activities!

Then Friday was our Christmas celebration! Sister Molina and I totally twinned! We wore the same skirt and lacy white tops and the same scarf and same skirt! :) Our guest was David Hatch a worldwide famous pianist! He is incredible!!! One of the pics is with him! He also shared poems he wrote from the view of Mary of her son. It was awesome! Hopefully we will get his talk sent to us! Then the Relief Society decked out the cultural hall like Whoville! I wish I would have gotten more pictures!! It was adorable!! And we had café rio style burritos! Yum!! Then we had a talent show! It was hilarious but then it started getting really long! Our zone leaders wrote a song about not getting mail called tears! I will have to send it to you! And then there was a reinactment of the 12 days of Christmas. We only have the 12th day but its soo funny! Then our movie was UP :) We then picked up our presents and had dinner and then went to mom J’s for a Christmas lesson. She had invited 8 families over but only one showed up but it was good! And she made me birthday cake because she forgot my birthday and gave me an adorable scarf! And then we went caroling in a trunk and trailer around the neighborhood! It was so much fun! :)

Saturday we baked cookies all day for all of our ward mission leaders, relief society presidents, bishops and people we are teaching! So many coookies! We made well over 300!

Sunday we went to two churches which was great and delivered most of our treats and shared a message with another family who invited a less active family over who bailed. Turns out their oldest son was baby Jesus in the testaments!!! so cool! And then we went to the B’s- Who we will Skype from. They are so funny! We love them!

And that is the brief version of the week! I will have to send some notes later! :)

Love ya!

Sister Balero

Happy Birthday to Me! :)

Dec 16

Hello Family!

This may be a long email which I may or may not have time to finish. Its been a crazy week!

Monday we had dinner with a family I love and ate some delicious white chicken chili soup! :) And then Sister manning said her last goodbyes!

Tuesday We took sister Manning to the mission Office and she headed to Seattle! We then ate at Sammy's which brought back so many memories from the one in Rexburg! I bought the Seattle (A DELICIOUS BURGER) in honor of Sister Mannings new mission! :) We had some time so I got to go see D! I was so happy! :) But I found out B is in the hospital. Keep her in your prayers please.

One of the Spanish sisters had her training meeting and I was alone with one other sister for a while and we were talking a little. At one point she said "It would be so weird if we ended up being companions" and then was shocked when I told her I was serving in eagle mountain in the middle of nowhere, that it was so far and I was walking. I knew in that moment she would be my companion! haha. Then I was with the Spanish sisters when they said their goodbyes.

Wednesday was TRANSFERS! It was so different doing them this way. I got to see Sister Reynolds and talk to her which was good! We went and sang to a lady in the hospital! I have been rethinking what I want to do with my career so when christa mentioned music therapy in her letter I thought I would love that! I want to know more about it and the schooling because I loved that. It would be so rewarding as well. I might steal her career! haha. We went to transfers and found out as our district was announced first that my companion was none other than Sister Molina. The girl I sat next to and talked to the previous day. haha. She is from Hawaii and very sweet. Her last companion was sister Coleman from Kennewick. She knew Devyn. She has been out 3 months and I am her 2nd companion. We went to Walmart and ate at the subway there and a sweet man paid for us! Then we went home and  I found out she is allergic to cats...So that is the main reason we are moving even though it hasn't been as much of a problem as it was with sister manning. That night we had a dinner in White Hills. So she got to see our whole stake. And she got to meet some people.

Thursday We had a lot of contacting and stuff.

While walking a random family stopped us and had us help secretly deliver a Christmas tree to a family! It was so fun! And at correlation Brother Meyer gave me a hug! Oh my goodness! He felt so bad! He is a convert and I thought he knew that was a rule but I guess he didn't and he said give me a hug when I tried to shake his hand and I laughed because I thought he was joking. haha. oops!

Friday we went to a lot of homes and taught. Also over those three days I got one package a day! :) I loved my gifts! I needed socks and letter writing, and hot chocolate and handwarmers was so sweet! And then the lantern was so sweet and just what I needed!

Saturday was my birthday. We started off the day at a ward party. And then came home and studied. My comp made a little scavenger hunt! It was so cute and led to a little letter. It was so simple but she had no notice and still made the effort to do something. Then we had our baptism which was great! I love Elizabeth! And then we contacted and then had dinner at the M’s. They were sweet and made delicious taco soup and then got me a present of socks since that's what they knew I had wanted and a cake. I felt bad though because they were super busy with moving and I felt like I was in the way. It was sweet for them to do anything. Oh and mom Anderson bought me a scarf! So cute!

We then went to another ward party and Brother Meyer crashed it and made sure they knew it was my birthday so they brought me up and the ward sang to me. There is also a fireworks factory out in Fairfield and they were setting off some fireworks! Something I have never experienced on my birthday! haha.

Sunday I stayed home for the morning because something didn't settle well in my stomach that night. Then we went to church and accidentally went to the wrong building! Only in Utah! haha.

Then we set up a dinner with the family who bought us lunch who we found out is a less active family we had been trying to meet! The Lord really puts us in the right place at the right time!

Well I think that is all! I love you lots and hope you have a great week! :)

Sister Balero

A week of sickness and miracles

Dec 9

So...Monday we played 4 square and ninja and ultimate Frisbee and apple shmear! So fun!!  We then went to one appointment and then home early because we both weren't feeling well. It took me til about midnight to fall asleep and was rudely awakened to find out I had the flu. I was throwing up until 3:30 when the elders came over and gave me a blessing. I felt so bad to wake them up. Then threw up again at 6. More details than you want. And finally fell asleep at 7. I was laying out on the couches because I couldn't even get into my bunk bed before I had to run out again. So long story short we couldn't even leave the house until Friday evening. I gave sister manning the flu. But we experienced a couple miracles and got permission to watch a Disney movie! :) We chose Monsters University and LOVED IT! :)

This is going to be brief but Miracle numero uno! Our baptism planned for this Saturday we found out needed permission from her dad as well as her mom to be baptized since she is only 9. The mom was sending us hopeless heartbreaking texts asking us to beg and that he will never say yes and that she was in tears not knowing how she was going to break it to her daughter. Her dad hasn't had contact for 5 years and is anti lds living in the phillipines. I was heart broken! I ended up getting a second blessing because I felt so completely hopeless. In my blessing it said through faith and God’s power miracles can and will happen. We saw our miracle. She contacted him on facebook and gave permission! I feel as if we were sick for this purpose. There must be opposition so in order for a miracle to occur we needed that moment of complete humility. That's the short version. This sickness went from throwing up to dehydration because I couldn't keep anything down so I had a major headache and my stomach was very cramped. I couldn't stand up straight until Thursday night.

Miracle number two: I tried to read scriptures. During this whole time I felt so abandoned and alone and I was reading Pres Monsons talk from the General Relief Society Meeting and reading the story about Tiffany and How the very thing she wanted and needed was given to her by a complete stranger so that the Lord could show his love for her so personally and show that he is listening and I just kept hoping that I could receive a blessing similar because I felt so alone. But felt like I just wasn't being appreciative. That day I got a letter from Sister Lake in Highlands ward. She said that she had stumbled upon my blog and my asking for letters and so quickly sent one out and thanked me for my work. I know Heavenly Father is looking out for me and that he Loves me because he sent a random stranger to send me a letter in my time of need :)

We went to some ward parties and sister Manning said some goodbyes.

Thanks for your prayers! Love and miss you! :)

Sister Balero


Dec 2

Hi family!

So it’s been another LONG week!

Monday my companion was sick and so we stayed home so she could sleep. I had nothing to do because I didn't even have any letters to reply to. :/ I was not happy. That is my one day!

Tuesday for dinner we had café rio style burritos! So yummy! :) and the relationship between the dad and one girl was just like me and daddy! He kept making smart alecy remarks toward her and she would just punch him and he'd laugh and keep going! haha. The rest of the evening was okay.

Thursday was THANKSGIVING! It was so surreal. We had a turkey bowl in the morning. I was feeling way sick so I just watched but it was fun! :) My comp was sick as well but played anyway. We had a really good dinner and then later went to another family for pie and played guestures and then Mario Cart :) I don't think it’s technically allowed but I thought it was fine for the holiday. It was fun!

Friday I was sick again! Then over half of our appointments cancelled or weren't home. We were invited into a home for cookies and milk which was great! 

Saturday we went to the baptism of an 8 year old whose family is less active and we’ve been teaching. it was good! And then B came and we talked for a while! It was so good! I needed it! She was glowing! I have never seen her so good and happy! It made me so happy! There is something different about her! :) We then updated teaching records out in the warm sun at the park! :) And then went to Mom Andersons and had dinner and then played ticket to ride with a non member as a casual get to know and no one was home for the holidays anyway. The elders also gave my comp a blessing which she needed and things have been a little better.

Sunday I opened the package and Loved it! Too bad Christa stole my Christmas present for her! I was going to learn how to make that blue scarf! I wore a scarf and my socks to church and I was dying! It was so warm outside! But I was so excited! Who knew I’d be dying of heat December 1st in Utah! Church was good and then we had a dinner with the a family we love. So good! I tried Venison and actually liked it! I got super worried because they were all telling me not to get sick. And they had rolls just like ours and it was such a tender mercy! Happy 7 months to me! :) We then had a good lesson with our 9 year old getting ready for her baptism!

Well, I know that wasn't the happiest email and I’m sorry for it but I had a hard week. Love you and hope you’re doing well. On Friday I was thinking about you and how you were probably at Fred Meyers buying socks! :)

 Love sister Balero


Nov 25

Wednesday we taught the 9 year old we put on date for my birthday! :) And we were reading her Book of Mormon stories and with big eyes she said I LOVE THIS BOOK! It is just filled with a bunch of tiny miracles! I thought that was awesome that she recognized that!

 Thursday was one of the most amazing days!! So I may or may not have been able to see my best friend aka FAIRY who may or may not have been staying with her sister in eagle mountain! :) It made me so happy! And it was just what I needed to be remotivated and to remember what I love about this work! :) She fed us lunch! :) It was super yummy! :) We then had exchanges which was really good because this has been such a hard week. We got fed some delicious food in the Spanish area! :) And then a second dinner later...Luckily it was just a tuna sandwich. When we went home we ate some Southern Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream! So delicious! It made me think of jean because I remember the first time I ever heard of it was when she was visiting from Texas and wanted to find the mix to make a cake. My comp for the day was from Texas.

 Friday was a rough day. At one point we were knocking doors in the cold for about 2 hours which at that point our hands were not able to move. Even all the member families we would normally stop by to warm up and make a plan were gone. Eventually we went and hung with Bishops wife. She is seriously the cutest and sweetest! And I love their kids! One of the doors we knocked was a member family and she opened the door and we asked if she was okay because she just looked upset and she said it’s been a hard day. We then said sorry and she told us that her husband has been unemployed for 6 months and the job they thought he was going to get was given to someone else that day and that Christmas was coming up. It broke my heart. I felt so selfish! I decided I am not going to buy anything but the food I need while shopping and buy presents for them!! We also met one of our investigators who is completely active and knows it’s all true but wants to wait another year and a half to be baptized by his missionary son and is very stubborn about he will not change his mind.

We then slept at the Spanish sisters house because my comp was leaving very early to go with her family to watch her younger siblings be sealed. Approved sleepover number two! I am happy for her but it has been tough hearing her talk about getting to be with her family all week when I can’t!

Sunday we went to a primary program. I loved it! For dinner we had homemade chicken and broccoli hot pockets! So delicious!!!! :) And then appointments cancelled. Then we went to a missionary BYD. Which was awesome! And then we went to a member family who invited us over for cookies and hot chocolate! It was great! They are adorable!  It was so much fuN! :)

 Did I tell you before my nickname given by the M girls? Sister Buffalo. Because she couldn't remember my name and couldn't pronounce balero! haha.

 That was the week! There was more than I remembered! Love you! Can’t wait to hear from you this week! :)


Sister Balero       

Hot Chocolate & Service

Nov 18

Monday a lady gave us each $5 at the restaurant we ate at with tears in her eyes! It was so sweet! And we went to target which made me miss fairy and christa! A lot! :'(

Tuesday we had a great zone conference! I will probably send notes in the mail.
We had some great lessons and one very hard lesson where the lady was very offended and told us that she only got baptized because of peer pressure and has no testimony. :/

Wednesday was tough. I got an incredible blessing though which was an answer to prayer. One of the sisters wrote it out for me and I am so grateful! We had exchanges which was great!! I got to talk to her about some things which was a blessing.

Thursday was really tough! We experienced a tender mercy though! We found a package from the bishop’s family with supplies and each $10 saying they were thinking about us and to let them know if we needed anything! It was so sweet!!!!

Saturday we did service for an animal sanctuary in the snow which was fun but cold. Also tender mercies Friday. We were walking after a rough morning super depressed when a car pulled up and handed us hot chocolate saying she saw us freezing so she ran home quickly made us hot chocolate and then tracked us down. And then she gave us a ride! It made me want to cry! And then we got to talk with one of our moms which made us feel a lot better. We had another tough lesson that night.

Sunday was incredible! The talks were so good and so personal! And answers to prayers! And then I had a rough moment when I found out Sister Rees is going home. She and president have prayed, fasted and gone to the temple and know that she needs to be with her family right now to help support them. She will be released honorably. It is just hard to have my friend who has been with me since day 1 leave. I then got another awesome blessing. Then we went on splits and had a really powerful lesson. Even though they did not accept to be baptized I think they will eventually. They are a family I love so much and the spirit was so strong in the lesson!

Well, That's the short version of the week! I love you and hope to hear from you!


Sister Balero

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Loving Eagle Mountain

Nov 11

Hi family!
I got my first letter in about 4 weeks yesterday!! :)I was so grateful to finally get a letter even if just from my last companion. But please send mail!
I have lots to say again. I have probably written about 12 pages in my journal this week.
Monday we went shopping at the Walmart 20 minutes away. Haha. We then went to a chapel with our district and another with special permission and we played volleyball, poison and slaughter ball! It was a blast! Poulima about killed all the elders though! It was scary! Holy cow! He kept attacking them! I may or may not have slammed him in the head with a ball though...haha. In the evening we went to an appointment where they fed us this yummy chicken chili and then went to the M’s and burned my shirt for my 6 month mark! And then had FHE with them. It was great!

Tuesday was really cold!! Because we hadn't figured out our dinner calendar yet the Ms fed us again. We shared a spiritual thought with them. It was the video of I’ll go where you want me to go from the work of salvation broadcast. Those crazy kids didn't say one word as they sat and watched attentively. There have been few times I have felt the spirit so strong. There was such a reverence. At the end brother M said with tears in his eyes. The feeling in this room right now is no different than in the chapel. I wish we could have held on to that moment a minute longer but he then rushed them off to bed.
Wednesday the elders had scheduled us booked from 3:30 to 8 so we planned to eat at 8 and ate a little at 3. We were just going to feed us but then Sister M talked to one of the fellowshippers so we could have a meal to take home. His wife wouldn't be home so we couldn't come in. So earlier in the day all but one appointment cancelled but we still had our dinner plan til 8. So we went out contacting and met a lot of people which was awesome! And then Brother M scheduled something for us at 8. For not eating I felt great! The Lord really does bless us as we just go and do the work! It feeds us spiritually. When Bro M and the man we taught at 8 found out we hadn't eaten yet they were furious!! Holy cow! They told us to never go hungry again and to make sure we are taken care of. They wouldn't believe me when I told them I wasn't even hungry! But needless to say we are being taken care of here!
Thursday we had ZTM which was really good. And then in the evening we taught this girl and her family.

Friday we got to go to the temple which was a blessing. The temple is the only time I get for myself. The elders and us waited outside for about an hour for the Spanish sisters wondering why in the world they were taking so long. We had fun taking a bunch of pictures including awesome jumping ones! Haha. It was super fun! And there was this adorable bride and groom! :)

At one point we were tracting and didn't know who to go see and so we said a prayer and my comp said that we should go visit a certain family. We went over there and no one was home but across the street a family was sitting on the porch that we wouldn't have thought to go see. Normally I would just kind of say hi and walk off but I have really realized that The Lord works in mysterious ways and puts us in the path of people so I just told my comp. Let’s go talk to them. She was really hesitant but we walked up and said hi. They were really open and he had to leave but that gave us the opportunity to sit and chat with just the grandma. She was really open about the situation her daughter in law was offended and she and the son were inactive as well but trying to return and we shared a thought with her and she said it’s really ironic that you shared that because of what has been going on this past week. The next day I heard that same comment. It is really ironic. I just wanted to tell her that it wasn't ironic. It was the spirit that knew what she needed. Nothing is a coincidence. The Lord cares about her and he provided that way for him to talk to her!  She told us she wanted to have us back and even invited us to go to thanksgiving point with her when she found out we had never been and said we had to. I hope we can get permission for it!

Saturday we started off the day by going to a primary presidency breakfast. The stake president talked to all of them but I felt like it was just for me! A couple of things he said were first "Sometimes we get caught up in the little things and lose sight of the purpose we are called." And the second is "Don't compare yourself. We each have our own talents and are called specifically for who we are and our personal strengths and talents".
He also talked a lot about the influence that we have on children. He said "Children are like wet concrete.  A feather can make an imprint but an elephant can't once it is hardened." It is so important that we teach our children. I am so grateful that I have been taught since I was young of the truth so that I could have that strong testimony now! He also talked about how every fast Sunday it is the children that you see lined up to share what they know with no fear! They don't care that they don't know everything but they share what they do! Lastly, president Hinckley dedicated our stake center! That doesn't happen every day that the prophet will dedicate the stake center! He and other apostles since have said "This area will be a great training ground for the future leaders of the church" That is incredible! This is an amazing area! He also said "Your youth are better than you, they are stronger than you, but you are meant to train them!"  And went on to say "They are training us as much as we are training them" we are meant to be as little children! Homework watch the Mormon message the Christmas spirit. It again just demonstrates the influence of children! Sister A fed us dinner that night! She is going to be one of many moms in this area. She is Elder Niuia Tofa's mom! This was his first area! He keeps texting her and asking if she's taking care of me! I really feel a connection with her though! She is seriously the sweetest lady! We then taught one of the hardest people I think I will ever teach and do not have time to go into!  And we knocked lots of doors.
Sunday we spoke in two sacraments and met with the stake president. We then had a delicious dinner at one of the bishop’s homes! I love them! One boy has the most energy I have ever seen in a kid which means a lot! Haha. And then the oldest boy was adorable and calm and just taking care of the baby and picking up all of the toys the other was throwing around! We then had an appointment with a sweet family out in the boonies! Haha. And then we came home and went straight to bed! There is the week! :)
Please write me! I love you!

Sister Balero

Hello Eagle Mountain

Hi family!

Tuesday was my last day in the area and let me tell you it was so much harder to leave Orem than I thought it would be. In our hectic day I only had about 2 hours to say goodbye to everyone. I first said goodbye to Grandma G which was really hard. She is such an incredible lady and I am going to miss her smile and willingness to do everything she can to help us! We then said goodbye to K -! And then I went to my trainers meeting. Some bold things were said but they were things I needed to hear! I just want to be the best missionary I can and not waste any more time with disobedience or negativity because I have really learned this week that it is such a blessing to be able to serve a mission. There are so many who don't have the chance to serve or their time is cut short and I just take it completely for granted when there are so many who can't and desire it so much. We then came back and I said goodbye to the S’s which was a really hard goodbye. They were the ones who made me feel welcome and loved in Orem when I was having a hard time and didn't feel that way. We then had to rush off to judge a chili cook off.  There were a couple really good ones! We just downed it with homemade root beer which was delicious! We then went to the H’s to say goodbye. The hardest goodbye. Schultz made me a crown and played my favorite song and we just hung out with them!

Wednesday I left Orem. Transfers were crazy! We eventually figured out our ride and how to get all our stuff to our new home. My new companion is Sister Manning. She is from Roosevelt/Vernal (eastern Utah). She is a trial missionary because she was on medical leave and should be headed to the Seattle mission at the end of this transfer. We got lost on our way and eventually made it to Eagle Mountain. It is seriously in the middle of nowhere! Haha. We got to our house and the landlady wasn't home. We had the garage code though so we went in. We then met up with the elders and a fellowshipper took us to some appointments and the elders handed over the people to us. So it took us 20 minutes to drive to one appointment in our stake and we are a walking area...there are two wards way out but luckily the rest is kind of close. Haha. It took us 15 minutes to walk to the nearest neighborhood from our house...yeah... It'll be an adventure.
Thursday was Halloween! :) We went shopping so we had some food. Then we had DTM which was good. I like our district. We then facebooked. I went through and started editing my blog a little bit. So that it all matches and such. And then we changed and went to the chapel for our district activity. It was super fun! There are 4 sisters and 2 elders. All us sisters wore superhero shirts! Haha. And the elders are hilarious. We watched Ephraims Rescue which was good :) at one point there is a kiss and all of us started hiding our eyes and yelling this was approved what was president thinking?? Haha just as a joke and then one elder yelled 11 months! Haha. It was so funny! And then we played spoons which was really fun too.
Friday we tried to do our weekly planning but had no information. That's what happens when you take over an area from elders! Haha. That evening we went to another appointment that the elders were turning over. One of our elders is Samoan and hilarious but he is a great teacher and I have learned so much from just a few times of him teaching. He has a bunch of analogies that just make everything so simple and he is really good at always testifying. Every time he hands them over to us he says " we can't come back but you are so lucky to be getting these wonderful beautiful sisters" hehe. We then ate dinner at an awesome Ward Mission Leader’s house whose daughters are crazy and hilarious!  And they gave us a ton of names! There is so much work to be done here! Oh and it was my 6 month mark!! :)
Saturday we went to a service project in the morning. It was there that I received news that Sister Rees's mom had passed away the night before! It broke my heart and I was in shock. I didn't know how to help her and then I kind of had a break down thinking about what would I have done if it was my mom or someone in my family. I just want you all to know how much I love you and how grateful I am to have been blessed with such an incredible family and to be blessed to have so much time with them. I really hope I can make you proud. And please keep her and her family in your prayers. We then went to Lehi for a baptism in my comp’s last area which was good. We then came back and I rested because I was not feeling well. Then in the evening we had another couple of appointments with the elders.
Sunday we woke up to it snowing. Yeah...We got a ride to church and sat with the WML(Ward Mission Leader) . We then went and had a meeting and then knocked a lot of doors in the cold. We got a couple of appointments though! :) And then the elders wouldn't call us back and let us know what was going on so we basically spent the whole evening with the WML family again. We ate some yummy tacos! I was so hungry that night. And then we had an appointment in one of those forever away towns and we had the wrong address.

Well, That has been my crazy week! I hope I got everything in there!

Love you so much and hope you have a wonderful week!! :)


Sister Balero

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

6 Months Out

Can you believe it has been almost 6 months?? It is blowing my mind. I don’t have a lot of time today but lots to say! Number one: I am being transferred out of Orem to Eagle Mountain! And I will be follow-up training a trial missionary! I am sad to be leaving my home I have had for almost 5 months but am excited for a new adventure and have heard only the greatest things about Eagle Mountain and I get to cover only one stake again! :)

This week we got our new companion Hermana Beltran. She is a Mexico visa waiter and awesome! :) It was a slow week and spent a lot of time with D. She made us delicious donuts, homemade potato chips and cookies this week! :) We had a bunch of Halloween Parties which was great! :) 

Monday we went mini golfing at trafalga which was super fun! Tuesday we went to the temple and I got another amazing answer to my prayers. You know how I was talking about how that peace being mentioned was an answer to prayer last week? Well I went to the temple because I was worried that I was just making things up or trying to make sense of something in my own way regarding something specific. When I was at the temple I said a prayer and let my scriptures fall open again and it opened to D&C 6:
22 Verily, verily, I say unto you, if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart,that you might know concerning the truth of these things.
23 Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?

 And it really hit because I knew that peace that I felt really was my answer! The Lord is there with us always and he really does answer prayers!!

 We afterwards ate at Cafe Rio! Delicious and ran into Elder Christensen from the District there! haha. I know there was a lot more but I can’t think of it and need to be done so I love you and will write you a letter! We had a lot of super good things this week and a lot of very not so good things! I can’t wait to hear from you all! :)

Sister Balero

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Look for feelings of Peace

Well it has been another long crazy week which I am starting to get used to! But yet everything is much the same. I got that picture of the family from [the missionary that baptized Grandpa Balero]. Monday we had a zone activity and played a couple nerf gun games! It was really fun!! I won one and was really proud :) hehe. And all Saturday we spent setting up for a wedding. It was a long day! Holy cow! On the way over to get set up we got in an accident. No one was hurt but our bumper went flying!  It was a little scary but could have been a lot worse. I just feel bad for the lady who was giving us a ride! We have a bunch of Halloween parties this week which will be a lot of fun!

oh and we got a call last night from president....WE ARE GETTING A VISA WAITER! We are going to be a tripanionship. We pick her up today at 4:30 :) She is waiting on her visa to brazil. So who knows how long it will be. That means that for sure one of us is staying in this area. I know the Lord will put me where I'm needed.

 I got an answer to prayer yesterday as one of our high councilmen gave a thought at our meeting. I can’t find the talk but he said It was a talk given by President Monson in a training given to new mission presidents. It was given in the mid 1980's. haha. But he said The adversary can reproduce every emotion and feeling except for peace. Look for those feelings of peace. Find times to create those feelings of peace. When we are having these feelings of peace the adversary cannot tempt us. I thought that was so neat because lately I have been feeling like I haven't been receiving answers or revelation but I have really been noticing how many times I have been feeling peace. I think that is another reason why the temple is so strong in spirit because it is a house of peace! Well, I love you all and thank you for your prayers and encouragement! I hope you are all doing well! :)

Sister Balero

Monday, October 7, 2013


Monday was spent running around doing Pday errand stuff. Tuesday we taught some great lessons! Wednesday we had DTM and then ate lunch at Which Wich which might possibly be one of my new favorite places! So fun and delicious!! We then biked this ridiculous hill to go facebook. I was DYING! haha. Thursday we had zone conference and ....WE GOT OUR IPADS!!! :) They are neat and cool but there are still a lot of kinks to be worked out and they are ridiculously blocked. Friday we spent most of the day at D's doing planning on our Ipads! Then we had a good night with lessons. Saturday WE WENT TO CONFERENCE! I have more details in a letter I wrote but it was so neat! I wish we had more time because I feel like we were in the midst of so many wonderful things and saw none of it. We were so excited we even forgot to take a picture by the temple! It was crazy! We sat at the very far left about 7 rows from the front! :) Having Holland speak that session was such a tender mercy! We also witnessed when Pres. Monson reached down and shook hands with that boy! It was so sweet!

Sunday was more conference! yay! We spent the morning session at Grandma G’s with the elders and ate waffles and then for the afternoon we went over to the H’s :) I love them they are my family in Orem. My favorite session was sun morn. But I haven't seen sat morning because we were headed to conference! I can’t wait to hear Uchtdorf's talk! I can’t count how many times I saw Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith on facebook! It was the only quote quoted from conference! haha. jk. Then we ate dinner there and then Schultz was sick so we went back until our 8 appointment. She then got a blessing and we had a really good talk with the elders about repentance and inadequacy. We read a lot from Moses 1 which was good!

Okay. I think I covered everything! Love you lots and hope to hear from you soon! :)

Sister Balero

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thinking of Daddy

Number one we went to Denny's this morning and I got moons over my hammy thinking of daddy :) And they now have chocolate peanut butter shakes!! :O I almost got one but then decided not to! I have had family on my mind a lot recently. Number two normally missionaries go to the last two conferences of their mission...but...I found out today I will be attending the sat afternoon session! It totally took me by surprise! I cannot wait :) Number three the lady sitting next to me I just found out is Karen Egbert's sister :)

Okay this week. Yesterday things were so great and we got so many referrals and life was just good! :) Yay! Hopefully we can keep this up! :) We also spent the evening at the H’s and they are really like family! :) K reminds me of christa and zippy of katie so I really was missing them last night! And we ate Debbi’s delicious cookies and homemade icecream :) It made me so happy! :)

Okay and last Monday we just played a bunch of board and card games and it was a blast! I have new games for us to play when Im back! :)

Oh also it went from summer to winter. I was freezing having no winter things so I will be shopping for that today. Luckily it has warmed back up temporarily.

Oh and I got both of the letters finally! :) They made me so happy and were just what I needed to hear so thank you and I will hopefully write you back today! :) I’ll let you know if I think of anything else! Love you and hope to hear more soon!

Sister Balero 

Monday, September 16, 2013

End of August

Okay so I have a TON to say this week! This week feels like I am reporting on a month! So I'm going to have to do it day by day again this week I think.

First of all I haven’t gotten mail in over a week! :(

Monday our plans got changed so we just went around and shopped. We then saw B and talked and got a cone (like the snowcones the small is huge) It was so good to hang out and talk with B! :)

Tuesday we FINALLY got to go to the temple! It was an incredible experience. While sitting in the chapel before I decided to read out of the Book of Mormon and when I grabbed it it fell open to D&C 25 and I was going to turn back to the BOM but I decided to read it. It is the revelation given to Emma Smith and it felt as if the Lord was speaking directly to me. It is one of the strongest feelings of the spirit I have ever had!! When sitting in the celestial room later I prayed for some answers to prayer and felt like I needed to read over that section again. As I grabbed the scriptures it fell right open to that page again. I knew that God was watching out for me and it was such an answer to prayer. The section was even stronger in spirit the second time and was exactly what I needed to hear to be comforted. And I saw Mitch which was crazy!  That night we ate dinner with the H’s and it was so good! Tater tot casserole again! :) And then B came out with us and it was an incredible night! We had so much fun but at the same time felt the spirit so much!

Wednesday morning I woke up super sick.  It was not fun! I guess after such a huge spiritual experience I was hit hard. About 3 I was thinking I need to eat but I know that I really can’t eat anything I have without it making me sick and I prayed to know what to eat and for it to not make me more sick and the moment after I finished B knocked on our door and came in with saltines and 7up. It was such a tender mercy!

Thursday morning I took it easy because I still wasn’t feeling perfect. That evening B came out with us and we had another great evening. We celebrated a birthday for a fellowshipper and it was so fun and then he told us he hadn’t celebrated his birthday for 8 years since he left home at 15 and thanked us! It was such a neat experience.

Friday we went to lunch with B at Brick Oven which was super good! :) The rest of the day was HARD. It was super hot and labor day weekend so no one was home and we basically tracted for the whole day. That evening we finally had an appointment and it was so good! And then we visted a ward mission leader and wife we love and they really cheered us up! :)

Saturday we went over early to the H’s to study with B and they made us pancakes and ebilskivers for breakfast :). Then we found out my tire had popped :( But luckily B wasnt working so we went out with her to visit people :) We then went to J’s baptism! I love her! She was one of our investigators last transfer who we taught all the lessons to and was on date but was in the stake we lost in our area. I'm sure I’ve talked about her before!  Then we went to a really good dinner with a family who’s daughter is about to enter the MTC tomorrow :) Then we got my tire fixed by the fellowshipper we had the birthday for. He is so willing to help with everything and totally went out of his way but it was a tender mercy. Oh also that day we went to visit a family that in my two transfers have never been able to get in the door and when he opened the door he said We are moving so I don’t think we will set up a return appointment but you can share a thought. So I shared Alma 26:27 and she (who has so many health problems) Said she was about to give up and that scripture was just what she needed and set up a return appointment!! :) I was so happy! It was such a testimony builder that I am in the Lords hands!

Sunday was another hard day but we did a lot. We had really good spinach tortilla enchiladas for dinner! :) YUM!

Then yesterday we were supposed to hike a waterfall but were sadly cancelled on but we had such a fun day!! We shopped and then to start PDAY we then went to Deseret Book. B has wanted to go on a mission and by getting to know us and be with us she has decided to go and be better and now wants to do everything for us. And then we got the huge snowcones which were INCREDBIBLE!

Oh and christa. I think someone beat you with cookies! Debbi makes the best cake mix m&m cookies!! :)

Gotta go but I love you so much! SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE ME!!!!!!!

Sister Balero

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Tender Mercy

August 19
I think this week I will just share a couple of experiences instead of going through my whole week like normal.
Number one: I learned magic this week from a member when I was sick! And it all relates to the gospel so we are now magicianaries! ;) We can rip up a card and put it back together, turn milk to glitter, make 3 clothes a flag, and stick a needle through a balloon and not have it pop! Its pretty awesome! :)
Number 2 we got our bikes and I love mine bc it is designed to keep the back straight for those who are taller which is perfect!
We had a potluck dinner in one of the wards and we were late and normally we just wouldn't go but I really was anxious for some reason. So we went late and got food and sat down next to a lady we love. Another couple started asking us questions like where we're from and stuff. typical missionary conversation. Then he said Balero. Is your dad Hispanic? I get that a lot because of the last name. I said I am one fourth Hispanic, my grandpa is Mexican. And then he said did they ever live in Oregon? And I said yes and then he asked, in the St. Helens area? And I was then thinking ok. How does he know grandpa? And then he said, and he worked on the railroad and his wife has red curly hair and I was like this is for sure them. Now where is the connection? And then he said " I baptized your Grandpa. He was my first baptism on my mission!" It was crazy! And the night before I had said a really heartfelt prayer telling Heavenly Father I know I stayed in this area for a reason although I don't understand why. I know everything is in your timing but please help me to see tomorrow a reason that I am here in Orem when I am having such a hard time. I had forgotten that until that moment though. It was such a tender mercy!
Well, I love you lots and hope you are all doing well and getting through all the craziness of preparing for school! Have a great week!

Sister Balero

August 5

Monday was Pday. We played kickball and poison for the zone activity. And taught some good lessons. Tuesday was another day on foot in the hot sun oh and we got facebook.  We stopped by a lemonade stand and bought delicious lemonade and cute washer necklaces they made. It was good to feel like I made someone happy. Sunday was good.  We also went to a break the fast with a ward that was delicious! And a lady came up to us and said My kids recognize you! I guess you went to their lemonade stand! That made me happy.

July 29: Transfer Calls next Week


Number one! I am still in shock Lenise is going to Provo as well! I love hearing about mission calls! Tell her she needs to write me!! :)


Monday we got fed breakfast for dinner which was delicious! They had an amazing carmel syrup! Also their daughters went to SLC on Thursday and sat 5th row at one direction! Crazy story! They have had their tickets since last march tho! Be jealous! haha. Then I went on splits with Sister Quist because her comp was feeling sick and that was awesome!

Tuesday we went to the Timp temple which is BEAUTIFUL! Pictures to come! We went with someone we know and her "adoptive" parents. We did sealings. The way they looked at each other across the altar was PRECIOUS! They looked like newly weds! because they are so perfectly in love and you can tell perfectly! I want it to be that way with me and my future husband!

Wednesday was the temple to temple run. My comp and I finished in 2 minutes! :) haha. We started early and ended up getting to walk all the way to the end as other missionaries stopped along the way to guide the way. It was tiring but good! And I saw Jonathan! It was so weird seeing someone I knew! I took a picture! :) And then they had a delicious pancake breakfast after hosted by the Lamanite Ward they call themselves- They are a Native American Ward, they were dancing and drumming and singing! It was awesome!

Thursday we took our car in to be repainted from the scratch and although we were told it would be 1-2 days it was actually 5 so we have been walking...In our huge area! It has been nice and overcast the last couple of days though so its nice but I have blisters! :/  Life is good though. The stake we are living in announced that they are looking for housing for Elders so we are pretty sure the area is splitting. Next week is transfer calls so I will let you know for sure what is going on then! Love you lots! Thank you for your letters and support! I love hearing from you!

Sister Balero

July 22 Week 10

Okay. So I haven't been sleeping well which is tough but things are going better. I am doing my best to be patient though.
Monday I also got a new backpack because my walmart one was dead. I love it but am still getting used to it.

Tuesday I got my package! Thank you! Katie's letter made me cry! I don't know if you saw but she addressed it To camry: My inspiration :) The muddy Buddies are almost gone and sadly I am basically the only one who has touched them. Sister Quist also loved the no bake cookies! :) Tuesday and Thursday were also exchanges. If I have one thing to say about that is that they really made me appreciate my companion. 

Wednesday Sister Rees made me cupcakes! It was so sweet! And then that night we had Tater tot casserole! It was so good!! I am addicted!!!!

Thursday I was in the Spanish area which made me super jealous! I was amazed at how much I understood though! The Spanish members are just so much more friendly!

What matters is that souls are brought unto Christ, and the work is so different for both of us!

Friday we had a really spiritual discussion and afterwards I always feel so good like I am actually helping someone.

Lastly, On Wednesday we are doing a temple to temple walk from the Provo temple to the tabernacle temple for pioneer day! Only a few zones get to go so that'll be neat!  I am excited! Well, I love you lots! Hope life is well at home! Miss you! :)

Sister Balero

Blessed and Protected

Well, I have quite a lot to say and a lot less time to do it. I have a couple of experiences this week to share. First I want to put a quote from last week that I forgot to share. " God must love ordinary people because he sure made a lot of them and ordinary people accomplish extra ordinary things every day!" I liked that!

Okay, Monday at walmart I printed out some pictures because you can print off pictures straight from your facebook!  We also bought a Mormon messages DVD and  have been watching those! My favorite is Our True Identitiy.

And then a bunch of missionaries came to our place and we played this game called skittles which was so much fun!

Wednesday was DTM and interviews. It was good and I'm really starting to love my district. While waiting to finish up we played a bunch of figure out the rules games and it was a ton of fun!

Okay Thursday. The day that I may not be able to finish but really need to. Thursday we were driving to Provo to finish up car stuff and had just gotten out of an appointment so maybe we weren't paying as much attention as we thought we were but nevertheless it happened. I slammed on my breaks as we came within inches of a car. My heart was pounding and then I saw lights behind me. I immediately said to my comp That was green wasn't it and she without a doubt said it was. We both saw green!  And you know I am a cautious driver! Many miracles occurred. The first is to get away without a scratch. I know that angels were protecting us. There is no other way. The second is that the cop didn't even look at my license. I feel so blessed but it was so scary. We pulled over in a church parking lot and I just cried thinking about what just had happened. It has really put things into perspective. We also realized our airbag has been having problems and we haven't had the chance to get it fixed. If we would have crashed I wouldn't have had an airbag to protect me.  I wanted to talk to President and Sister McCune and get a blessing. So that evening they came. Before they did though I just said a heartfelt prayer and cried and poured out my soul to my father in heaven. I told him that I knew angels were protecting and surrounding me but I couldn't do this any more. I told him specifically that I felt alone and like I wasn't receiving my answers to prayer and then that if I was to stay here on this mission I needed to know for a fact that this is where I am supposed to be and for it to be said in my blessing.

So President and Sister McCune came over and we talked for a long time. I wish I could have just recorded the whole conversation and blessing because it was so amazing. President told us everything is okay and that we should look for the miracles because there are a bunch. He talked about how we are protected and then shared a bunch of his experiences from his mission that really hit hard with me and gave me strength. He also said " This is not your mission. It is the Lord's. You gave yourself and your time to him so that he could make you the person he wants you to become." We then got our blessings. In my blessing he specifically addressed those concerns in my prayer. He said "You are not alone and there are ministering angels around you."  and then said " I bless you with comfort that when you get on your knees to pray tonight you will feel his encircling arms around you!" and lastly said " This is what the Lord would have you do right now!" And he promised things would get better. It was such a testimony to me to have my prayer answered so directly in my time of need! Since then I have just felt so much peace things although not easy or perfect seem better because I have that assurance that this is where I need to be and God will help me through it. 

That is the total short version and I wish I could tell you more in person but since I can't and am running out of time I'm glad you get to hear the parts that mattered most.

We also wrote anonymous notes to the Spanish sisters and left them in their door which was a ton of fun! 

Guess who attended one of the wards of one of the stakes we cover? ELDER HOLLAND! Guess who wasn't there? Me! I was within 5 minutes of meeting Elder Holland and I would have had a right to be there! I seriously want to shake his hand so bad!  When I heard he was there for his grandson's farewell and even spoke for a bit my stomach dropped. :'( One day I will have the chance to shake his hand! Mom and Dad you will understand how much that would have meant to me. Funny story: At the time he would have been in sacrament I was reading over his two talks that you sent me. 

Well, That is all I think, even though it is probably far from the truth. 

Love you so much and am so grateful for all you have done for me! 

Sister Balero