Friday, August 23, 2013

A Tender Mercy

August 19
I think this week I will just share a couple of experiences instead of going through my whole week like normal.
Number one: I learned magic this week from a member when I was sick! And it all relates to the gospel so we are now magicianaries! ;) We can rip up a card and put it back together, turn milk to glitter, make 3 clothes a flag, and stick a needle through a balloon and not have it pop! Its pretty awesome! :)
Number 2 we got our bikes and I love mine bc it is designed to keep the back straight for those who are taller which is perfect!
We had a potluck dinner in one of the wards and we were late and normally we just wouldn't go but I really was anxious for some reason. So we went late and got food and sat down next to a lady we love. Another couple started asking us questions like where we're from and stuff. typical missionary conversation. Then he said Balero. Is your dad Hispanic? I get that a lot because of the last name. I said I am one fourth Hispanic, my grandpa is Mexican. And then he said did they ever live in Oregon? And I said yes and then he asked, in the St. Helens area? And I was then thinking ok. How does he know grandpa? And then he said, and he worked on the railroad and his wife has red curly hair and I was like this is for sure them. Now where is the connection? And then he said " I baptized your Grandpa. He was my first baptism on my mission!" It was crazy! And the night before I had said a really heartfelt prayer telling Heavenly Father I know I stayed in this area for a reason although I don't understand why. I know everything is in your timing but please help me to see tomorrow a reason that I am here in Orem when I am having such a hard time. I had forgotten that until that moment though. It was such a tender mercy!
Well, I love you lots and hope you are all doing well and getting through all the craziness of preparing for school! Have a great week!

Sister Balero

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