Saturday, December 28, 2013


Dec 2

Hi family!

So it’s been another LONG week!

Monday my companion was sick and so we stayed home so she could sleep. I had nothing to do because I didn't even have any letters to reply to. :/ I was not happy. That is my one day!

Tuesday for dinner we had café rio style burritos! So yummy! :) and the relationship between the dad and one girl was just like me and daddy! He kept making smart alecy remarks toward her and she would just punch him and he'd laugh and keep going! haha. The rest of the evening was okay.

Thursday was THANKSGIVING! It was so surreal. We had a turkey bowl in the morning. I was feeling way sick so I just watched but it was fun! :) My comp was sick as well but played anyway. We had a really good dinner and then later went to another family for pie and played guestures and then Mario Cart :) I don't think it’s technically allowed but I thought it was fine for the holiday. It was fun!

Friday I was sick again! Then over half of our appointments cancelled or weren't home. We were invited into a home for cookies and milk which was great! 

Saturday we went to the baptism of an 8 year old whose family is less active and we’ve been teaching. it was good! And then B came and we talked for a while! It was so good! I needed it! She was glowing! I have never seen her so good and happy! It made me so happy! There is something different about her! :) We then updated teaching records out in the warm sun at the park! :) And then went to Mom Andersons and had dinner and then played ticket to ride with a non member as a casual get to know and no one was home for the holidays anyway. The elders also gave my comp a blessing which she needed and things have been a little better.

Sunday I opened the package and Loved it! Too bad Christa stole my Christmas present for her! I was going to learn how to make that blue scarf! I wore a scarf and my socks to church and I was dying! It was so warm outside! But I was so excited! Who knew I’d be dying of heat December 1st in Utah! Church was good and then we had a dinner with the a family we love. So good! I tried Venison and actually liked it! I got super worried because they were all telling me not to get sick. And they had rolls just like ours and it was such a tender mercy! Happy 7 months to me! :) We then had a good lesson with our 9 year old getting ready for her baptism!

Well, I know that wasn't the happiest email and I’m sorry for it but I had a hard week. Love you and hope you’re doing well. On Friday I was thinking about you and how you were probably at Fred Meyers buying socks! :)

 Love sister Balero

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