Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hot Chocolate & Service

Nov 18

Monday a lady gave us each $5 at the restaurant we ate at with tears in her eyes! It was so sweet! And we went to target which made me miss fairy and christa! A lot! :'(

Tuesday we had a great zone conference! I will probably send notes in the mail.
We had some great lessons and one very hard lesson where the lady was very offended and told us that she only got baptized because of peer pressure and has no testimony. :/

Wednesday was tough. I got an incredible blessing though which was an answer to prayer. One of the sisters wrote it out for me and I am so grateful! We had exchanges which was great!! I got to talk to her about some things which was a blessing.

Thursday was really tough! We experienced a tender mercy though! We found a package from the bishop’s family with supplies and each $10 saying they were thinking about us and to let them know if we needed anything! It was so sweet!!!!

Saturday we did service for an animal sanctuary in the snow which was fun but cold. Also tender mercies Friday. We were walking after a rough morning super depressed when a car pulled up and handed us hot chocolate saying she saw us freezing so she ran home quickly made us hot chocolate and then tracked us down. And then she gave us a ride! It made me want to cry! And then we got to talk with one of our moms which made us feel a lot better. We had another tough lesson that night.

Sunday was incredible! The talks were so good and so personal! And answers to prayers! And then I had a rough moment when I found out Sister Rees is going home. She and president have prayed, fasted and gone to the temple and know that she needs to be with her family right now to help support them. She will be released honorably. It is just hard to have my friend who has been with me since day 1 leave. I then got another awesome blessing. Then we went on splits and had a really powerful lesson. Even though they did not accept to be baptized I think they will eventually. They are a family I love so much and the spirit was so strong in the lesson!

Well, That's the short version of the week! I love you and hope to hear from you!


Sister Balero

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