Thursday, October 24, 2013

Look for feelings of Peace

Well it has been another long crazy week which I am starting to get used to! But yet everything is much the same. I got that picture of the family from [the missionary that baptized Grandpa Balero]. Monday we had a zone activity and played a couple nerf gun games! It was really fun!! I won one and was really proud :) hehe. And all Saturday we spent setting up for a wedding. It was a long day! Holy cow! On the way over to get set up we got in an accident. No one was hurt but our bumper went flying!  It was a little scary but could have been a lot worse. I just feel bad for the lady who was giving us a ride! We have a bunch of Halloween parties this week which will be a lot of fun!

oh and we got a call last night from president....WE ARE GETTING A VISA WAITER! We are going to be a tripanionship. We pick her up today at 4:30 :) She is waiting on her visa to brazil. So who knows how long it will be. That means that for sure one of us is staying in this area. I know the Lord will put me where I'm needed.

 I got an answer to prayer yesterday as one of our high councilmen gave a thought at our meeting. I can’t find the talk but he said It was a talk given by President Monson in a training given to new mission presidents. It was given in the mid 1980's. haha. But he said The adversary can reproduce every emotion and feeling except for peace. Look for those feelings of peace. Find times to create those feelings of peace. When we are having these feelings of peace the adversary cannot tempt us. I thought that was so neat because lately I have been feeling like I haven't been receiving answers or revelation but I have really been noticing how many times I have been feeling peace. I think that is another reason why the temple is so strong in spirit because it is a house of peace! Well, I love you all and thank you for your prayers and encouragement! I hope you are all doing well! :)

Sister Balero

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