Saturday, December 28, 2013

A week of sickness and miracles

Dec 9

So...Monday we played 4 square and ninja and ultimate Frisbee and apple shmear! So fun!!  We then went to one appointment and then home early because we both weren't feeling well. It took me til about midnight to fall asleep and was rudely awakened to find out I had the flu. I was throwing up until 3:30 when the elders came over and gave me a blessing. I felt so bad to wake them up. Then threw up again at 6. More details than you want. And finally fell asleep at 7. I was laying out on the couches because I couldn't even get into my bunk bed before I had to run out again. So long story short we couldn't even leave the house until Friday evening. I gave sister manning the flu. But we experienced a couple miracles and got permission to watch a Disney movie! :) We chose Monsters University and LOVED IT! :)

This is going to be brief but Miracle numero uno! Our baptism planned for this Saturday we found out needed permission from her dad as well as her mom to be baptized since she is only 9. The mom was sending us hopeless heartbreaking texts asking us to beg and that he will never say yes and that she was in tears not knowing how she was going to break it to her daughter. Her dad hasn't had contact for 5 years and is anti lds living in the phillipines. I was heart broken! I ended up getting a second blessing because I felt so completely hopeless. In my blessing it said through faith and God’s power miracles can and will happen. We saw our miracle. She contacted him on facebook and gave permission! I feel as if we were sick for this purpose. There must be opposition so in order for a miracle to occur we needed that moment of complete humility. That's the short version. This sickness went from throwing up to dehydration because I couldn't keep anything down so I had a major headache and my stomach was very cramped. I couldn't stand up straight until Thursday night.

Miracle number two: I tried to read scriptures. During this whole time I felt so abandoned and alone and I was reading Pres Monsons talk from the General Relief Society Meeting and reading the story about Tiffany and How the very thing she wanted and needed was given to her by a complete stranger so that the Lord could show his love for her so personally and show that he is listening and I just kept hoping that I could receive a blessing similar because I felt so alone. But felt like I just wasn't being appreciative. That day I got a letter from Sister Lake in Highlands ward. She said that she had stumbled upon my blog and my asking for letters and so quickly sent one out and thanked me for my work. I know Heavenly Father is looking out for me and that he Loves me because he sent a random stranger to send me a letter in my time of need :)

We went to some ward parties and sister Manning said some goodbyes.

Thanks for your prayers! Love and miss you! :)

Sister Balero

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