Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me! :)

Dec 16

Hello Family!

This may be a long email which I may or may not have time to finish. Its been a crazy week!

Monday we had dinner with a family I love and ate some delicious white chicken chili soup! :) And then Sister manning said her last goodbyes!

Tuesday We took sister Manning to the mission Office and she headed to Seattle! We then ate at Sammy's which brought back so many memories from the one in Rexburg! I bought the Seattle (A DELICIOUS BURGER) in honor of Sister Mannings new mission! :) We had some time so I got to go see D! I was so happy! :) But I found out B is in the hospital. Keep her in your prayers please.

One of the Spanish sisters had her training meeting and I was alone with one other sister for a while and we were talking a little. At one point she said "It would be so weird if we ended up being companions" and then was shocked when I told her I was serving in eagle mountain in the middle of nowhere, that it was so far and I was walking. I knew in that moment she would be my companion! haha. Then I was with the Spanish sisters when they said their goodbyes.

Wednesday was TRANSFERS! It was so different doing them this way. I got to see Sister Reynolds and talk to her which was good! We went and sang to a lady in the hospital! I have been rethinking what I want to do with my career so when christa mentioned music therapy in her letter I thought I would love that! I want to know more about it and the schooling because I loved that. It would be so rewarding as well. I might steal her career! haha. We went to transfers and found out as our district was announced first that my companion was none other than Sister Molina. The girl I sat next to and talked to the previous day. haha. She is from Hawaii and very sweet. Her last companion was sister Coleman from Kennewick. She knew Devyn. She has been out 3 months and I am her 2nd companion. We went to Walmart and ate at the subway there and a sweet man paid for us! Then we went home and  I found out she is allergic to cats...So that is the main reason we are moving even though it hasn't been as much of a problem as it was with sister manning. That night we had a dinner in White Hills. So she got to see our whole stake. And she got to meet some people.

Thursday We had a lot of contacting and stuff.

While walking a random family stopped us and had us help secretly deliver a Christmas tree to a family! It was so fun! And at correlation Brother Meyer gave me a hug! Oh my goodness! He felt so bad! He is a convert and I thought he knew that was a rule but I guess he didn't and he said give me a hug when I tried to shake his hand and I laughed because I thought he was joking. haha. oops!

Friday we went to a lot of homes and taught. Also over those three days I got one package a day! :) I loved my gifts! I needed socks and letter writing, and hot chocolate and handwarmers was so sweet! And then the lantern was so sweet and just what I needed!

Saturday was my birthday. We started off the day at a ward party. And then came home and studied. My comp made a little scavenger hunt! It was so cute and led to a little letter. It was so simple but she had no notice and still made the effort to do something. Then we had our baptism which was great! I love Elizabeth! And then we contacted and then had dinner at the M’s. They were sweet and made delicious taco soup and then got me a present of socks since that's what they knew I had wanted and a cake. I felt bad though because they were super busy with moving and I felt like I was in the way. It was sweet for them to do anything. Oh and mom Anderson bought me a scarf! So cute!

We then went to another ward party and Brother Meyer crashed it and made sure they knew it was my birthday so they brought me up and the ward sang to me. There is also a fireworks factory out in Fairfield and they were setting off some fireworks! Something I have never experienced on my birthday! haha.

Sunday I stayed home for the morning because something didn't settle well in my stomach that night. Then we went to church and accidentally went to the wrong building! Only in Utah! haha.

Then we set up a dinner with the family who bought us lunch who we found out is a less active family we had been trying to meet! The Lord really puts us in the right place at the right time!

Well I think that is all! I love you lots and hope you have a great week! :)

Sister Balero

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