Monday, September 16, 2013

End of August

Okay so I have a TON to say this week! This week feels like I am reporting on a month! So I'm going to have to do it day by day again this week I think.

First of all I haven’t gotten mail in over a week! :(

Monday our plans got changed so we just went around and shopped. We then saw B and talked and got a cone (like the snowcones the small is huge) It was so good to hang out and talk with B! :)

Tuesday we FINALLY got to go to the temple! It was an incredible experience. While sitting in the chapel before I decided to read out of the Book of Mormon and when I grabbed it it fell open to D&C 25 and I was going to turn back to the BOM but I decided to read it. It is the revelation given to Emma Smith and it felt as if the Lord was speaking directly to me. It is one of the strongest feelings of the spirit I have ever had!! When sitting in the celestial room later I prayed for some answers to prayer and felt like I needed to read over that section again. As I grabbed the scriptures it fell right open to that page again. I knew that God was watching out for me and it was such an answer to prayer. The section was even stronger in spirit the second time and was exactly what I needed to hear to be comforted. And I saw Mitch which was crazy!  That night we ate dinner with the H’s and it was so good! Tater tot casserole again! :) And then B came out with us and it was an incredible night! We had so much fun but at the same time felt the spirit so much!

Wednesday morning I woke up super sick.  It was not fun! I guess after such a huge spiritual experience I was hit hard. About 3 I was thinking I need to eat but I know that I really can’t eat anything I have without it making me sick and I prayed to know what to eat and for it to not make me more sick and the moment after I finished B knocked on our door and came in with saltines and 7up. It was such a tender mercy!

Thursday morning I took it easy because I still wasn’t feeling perfect. That evening B came out with us and we had another great evening. We celebrated a birthday for a fellowshipper and it was so fun and then he told us he hadn’t celebrated his birthday for 8 years since he left home at 15 and thanked us! It was such a neat experience.

Friday we went to lunch with B at Brick Oven which was super good! :) The rest of the day was HARD. It was super hot and labor day weekend so no one was home and we basically tracted for the whole day. That evening we finally had an appointment and it was so good! And then we visted a ward mission leader and wife we love and they really cheered us up! :)

Saturday we went over early to the H’s to study with B and they made us pancakes and ebilskivers for breakfast :). Then we found out my tire had popped :( But luckily B wasnt working so we went out with her to visit people :) We then went to J’s baptism! I love her! She was one of our investigators last transfer who we taught all the lessons to and was on date but was in the stake we lost in our area. I'm sure I’ve talked about her before!  Then we went to a really good dinner with a family who’s daughter is about to enter the MTC tomorrow :) Then we got my tire fixed by the fellowshipper we had the birthday for. He is so willing to help with everything and totally went out of his way but it was a tender mercy. Oh also that day we went to visit a family that in my two transfers have never been able to get in the door and when he opened the door he said We are moving so I don’t think we will set up a return appointment but you can share a thought. So I shared Alma 26:27 and she (who has so many health problems) Said she was about to give up and that scripture was just what she needed and set up a return appointment!! :) I was so happy! It was such a testimony builder that I am in the Lords hands!

Sunday was another hard day but we did a lot. We had really good spinach tortilla enchiladas for dinner! :) YUM!

Then yesterday we were supposed to hike a waterfall but were sadly cancelled on but we had such a fun day!! We shopped and then to start PDAY we then went to Deseret Book. B has wanted to go on a mission and by getting to know us and be with us she has decided to go and be better and now wants to do everything for us. And then we got the huge snowcones which were INCREDBIBLE!

Oh and christa. I think someone beat you with cookies! Debbi makes the best cake mix m&m cookies!! :)

Gotta go but I love you so much! SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE ME!!!!!!!

Sister Balero

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