Friday, August 23, 2013

Blessed and Protected

Well, I have quite a lot to say and a lot less time to do it. I have a couple of experiences this week to share. First I want to put a quote from last week that I forgot to share. " God must love ordinary people because he sure made a lot of them and ordinary people accomplish extra ordinary things every day!" I liked that!

Okay, Monday at walmart I printed out some pictures because you can print off pictures straight from your facebook!  We also bought a Mormon messages DVD and  have been watching those! My favorite is Our True Identitiy.

And then a bunch of missionaries came to our place and we played this game called skittles which was so much fun!

Wednesday was DTM and interviews. It was good and I'm really starting to love my district. While waiting to finish up we played a bunch of figure out the rules games and it was a ton of fun!

Okay Thursday. The day that I may not be able to finish but really need to. Thursday we were driving to Provo to finish up car stuff and had just gotten out of an appointment so maybe we weren't paying as much attention as we thought we were but nevertheless it happened. I slammed on my breaks as we came within inches of a car. My heart was pounding and then I saw lights behind me. I immediately said to my comp That was green wasn't it and she without a doubt said it was. We both saw green!  And you know I am a cautious driver! Many miracles occurred. The first is to get away without a scratch. I know that angels were protecting us. There is no other way. The second is that the cop didn't even look at my license. I feel so blessed but it was so scary. We pulled over in a church parking lot and I just cried thinking about what just had happened. It has really put things into perspective. We also realized our airbag has been having problems and we haven't had the chance to get it fixed. If we would have crashed I wouldn't have had an airbag to protect me.  I wanted to talk to President and Sister McCune and get a blessing. So that evening they came. Before they did though I just said a heartfelt prayer and cried and poured out my soul to my father in heaven. I told him that I knew angels were protecting and surrounding me but I couldn't do this any more. I told him specifically that I felt alone and like I wasn't receiving my answers to prayer and then that if I was to stay here on this mission I needed to know for a fact that this is where I am supposed to be and for it to be said in my blessing.

So President and Sister McCune came over and we talked for a long time. I wish I could have just recorded the whole conversation and blessing because it was so amazing. President told us everything is okay and that we should look for the miracles because there are a bunch. He talked about how we are protected and then shared a bunch of his experiences from his mission that really hit hard with me and gave me strength. He also said " This is not your mission. It is the Lord's. You gave yourself and your time to him so that he could make you the person he wants you to become." We then got our blessings. In my blessing he specifically addressed those concerns in my prayer. He said "You are not alone and there are ministering angels around you."  and then said " I bless you with comfort that when you get on your knees to pray tonight you will feel his encircling arms around you!" and lastly said " This is what the Lord would have you do right now!" And he promised things would get better. It was such a testimony to me to have my prayer answered so directly in my time of need! Since then I have just felt so much peace things although not easy or perfect seem better because I have that assurance that this is where I need to be and God will help me through it. 

That is the total short version and I wish I could tell you more in person but since I can't and am running out of time I'm glad you get to hear the parts that mattered most.

We also wrote anonymous notes to the Spanish sisters and left them in their door which was a ton of fun! 

Guess who attended one of the wards of one of the stakes we cover? ELDER HOLLAND! Guess who wasn't there? Me! I was within 5 minutes of meeting Elder Holland and I would have had a right to be there! I seriously want to shake his hand so bad!  When I heard he was there for his grandson's farewell and even spoke for a bit my stomach dropped. :'( One day I will have the chance to shake his hand! Mom and Dad you will understand how much that would have meant to me. Funny story: At the time he would have been in sacrament I was reading over his two talks that you sent me. 

Well, That is all I think, even though it is probably far from the truth. 

Love you so much and am so grateful for all you have done for me! 

Sister Balero

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