Wednesday, February 26, 2014

4 Incredible Children of God

Feb 24
Well it's been an off week but not necessarily a bad week.
Monday was a great day! With waffle love and then a fun district activity where we baked treats and just sat around and talked. I finally felt included and it felt so good to just sit and talk about things.
Tuesday we had exchanges which was really good because I got to talk to my STL about some of the struggles I am having. It felt good to just talk it out with someone.
Wednesday is when my knee started swelling. :( And has just gotten worse and today has started getting better. 
Thursday was the baptism of the B girls. They are amazing and it was so neat! We had a struggle last minute finding out they may not be able to get baptized and we weren't even supposed to be teaching them because they are from Afghanistan and have a Muslim background that could put them in danger. It all worked out though! We also taught one of our less actives and we were talking about the importance of church and she said she thought that the reason was so we could fill back up and that she noticed a difference just with the one week we weren't able to see her. It was neat. 
Friday I got a blessing for my knee.  It was a really neat blessing. One thing he said is that if I turn to the Lord in prayer he will become my best friend and I will love him more than anyone else. A direct answer to my prayers that morning. I had been reading over my patriarchal blessing and really thinking about my future and not being good enough for anyone and it says that I will marry someone who loves the Lord as much as I do and I just kind of cried to Heavenly Father and said "Do I even really love you that much because I feel so distant?" So that was neat. I only could remember a few parts from the blessing but I was also blessed to build a strong relationship with my companions and to be able to work out any problems and then also to have the strength to do anything I need to despite my knee.
We also saw another family and the mom is less active and we were teaching tithing. She said Oh now I understand it. I want to pay tithing now! I want to be blessed. It was so neat! And then she talked about the feeling she has when she has been reading praying and coming to church and she just said that it feels so good and she never wants her children to go without that feeling! 
Saturday we had another baptism. E & H. They are incredible! I love them. I will have to write a letter with more details. We also had a cream cheese braid for breakfast which was absolutely delicious!! 
Sunday every ward's topic was forgiveness and it was something I really needed to hear with what I am going through. I never thought that forgiveness would be the thing I would need to work on but Heavenly father kindof kicked me in the face with it. haha.

Overall we had about 30 lessons this week and only 10 true fellowshipping. It's still good. But not where we wanted it. No members were available to go out with us at all this week :(  And I was trying not to get discouraged. There was nothing I didn't do that I would have with a healthy knee besides walk a little slower. Well I love you and hope you have a fabulous week! :)

Sister Balero

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey family!
I hope you had a great valentines day! I love you so much and miss you tons!
This week we had 41 lessons. 31 of those 41 had an active member there fellowshipping, which is incredible! The work is so great! We have 4 baptisms this week which will be an awesome experience! The people are incredible. Transfers are in 3 weeks. I shouldn't be thinking of them yet but I have a peace about leaving if I do. I have seen so much growth in this area and I know I have done my job if The Lord wants me to leave but who knows. We still have 3 weeks will that. I have a couple of other places I'd like to serve so we'll see what The Lord has planned.
We have seriously been so busy that I've stopped functioning. But this work is amazing. I love seeing the joy that comes as these people come to realize how to find joy and peace and purpose. We made cute valentines cards.Sister Hardy made them adorable. We got a couple of valentines gifts that were super sweet and thoughtful. Thanks for my package by the way. :) gosh I miss you guys. It hit hard a couple of times this week. Saturday we went to Springville for a baptism of someone my companion taught there. That was fun. We also had an awesome zone conference! Well that's all I can think of. I still need to update you with people but just never have time. Worst thing about Presidents' Day is no mail. Bummer. Love you! Oh also Wednesday we went to the temple and then panda express. It was good! Sorry this email is so scrambled!
Sister Balero

Weekly Challenge

Feb 10
So...I always think of things I forgot to say but nothing in the moment. Its much more exciting to get emails than to write them. haha. Monday we finally went to the post office! haha. I'm glad you got the package okay. Then we went and shopped. This week we had 36 lesson! Woot woot! I'm trying to remember what else happened...I can't think of anything. Dang. Sorry. This is lame. Well I'll let you know if I think of anything else. Sorry! 

Sister Balero

Oh I remember! I have a challenge for your weekly goal! 
We taught a lesson last night with a family that is struggling to bond because they don't really express their love for each other. Sister Molina said that when she was at home every night at dinner they had to say one thing they liked about each person and that person would have to accept it by saying yes. I am. So we had them do it.  It was really hard for them to do but it was powerful. And I wished that I would have showed you guys how much I appreciate you all and love you earlier. Would you guys try that?

9 months come and gone

Feb 3
It seems like every week I have less and less to say. haha. It was a good week. Almost 30 lessons and 7 new investigators! :) It was awesome! We did so much cleaning this week! I was so sick of it. We helped someone move and it was a disaster! And we cleaned a few houses. One home we cleaned we were over for lunch and she was really appreciative. She is a professional photographer and is going to take our photos :) And a dinner we went to he makes poly fiber and gave us each a ring he made! it was super neat!  Another dinner they made pizza and cinnamon sticks! They were so good! And they had a soda stream which was pretty cool! I cant believe I am halfway! Crazy! One last thing I was thinking about. We were talking about baby blessings and how the things in them are really from God and are so the personality of that person and I was just wondering if you remember anything said in mine. I know its been a while though so its okay if not.
A couple of things from church yesterday. We were talking about how spiritual gifts and how they are given to compensate for our weaknesses. I thought that was neat.
We also talked about making our prayers more meaningful. One thing hit me that I'd never thought about before. He said we need to show the Lord in our prayers that we are willing to act. Joseph smith didn't ask which church was true even though that was what he was searching for but he asked which one he should join.
Well, I hope all is well at home! I love you!
Sister Balero            

Almost Half Way

Jan 27

I cannot believe I will hit 9 months this week and half way next week! The time has truly flown. Who knew it would go this fast.

I honestly can't think of anything exciting that happened this week. We were too busy teaching 31 lessons!! :) haha. We did some P90X yoga! haha. We were sooo sore. I think we will do every other day :) Oh we went to the temple!

I think that was it. haha. I'll let you know if I think of anything else! :)

Love you! :)

Sister Balero

Monday, February 24, 2014

Staying in Eagle Mtn


Jan 20

So its been another good week but not much to really report.

We had about 24 lessons this week. :) It was awesome! :)

We just had a couple of exciting things this week. The first is our 7 things I like about you! We found out Mom Johnson was going to be released from her calling and be put into the stake so this originally started with her. We did hers immediately and it ended on Sunday when she was put in as the stake YW president. It went really well and the last day ended in a missionary badge that said missionary mom under and she wore it to church. She said she was totally crying and wants to take us out to lunch tomorrow! I love her! :) The other ones are still in the process. One Sister caught us and ditched us back. I will send pics. Then another Sister is leaving scriptures on her door that we take as we leave one :) It is the cutest! Each is something small that has a pun with it. For example. day #3 We like how "bubbly" and thanks for never "blowing" us off. hehe. And #5 Thanks for always being on "top" of things and being willing to drive us "around" (with bubbles and a top). hehe. I love it though! We are not the sneakiest though! haha. Then We had a relief society conference on saturday and we ate tamales and other delicious food the spanish branch made! yum! It was super good! And then I was super sick yesterday stressing that I would be transfered. We were split at one point and sister N is making sure we exercise so we drove to her house in the freezing cold and did P90X yoga in at 6:30 this morning. Another family said their daughter got ulcers on her mission because of the stress and it sounds like what I'm going through :(  And then we found out that both of us will be staying in the area! crazy! Didn't expect that! I am so excited to stay!!  Oh and it was so cool to see the Kurtzes at the temple. Well, I think that’s all. I love you sooooooo much! Hope to hear soon!

Sister Balero

Turn Outward. Look Heavenward.

Jan. 13, 2014
Well, This week is a little of a blur...

Monday we were running around all day.

We taught 22 lessons this week which was awesome! We can definitely see the blessings of a car. ummm...I honestly have no clue of what we did. I guess nothing exciting! Oh we had exchanges which was good. Oh, a lady we are teaching invited us over last night to meet her sister and brother in law ( a member of the seventy). It was really neat! We talked about tender mercies and he talked about divine signatures by Gerald lund which was awesome! The spirit was so strong! She shared a quote that I love " Search inward. Turn Outward. Look Heavenward." Pres. Monson.

AND I loved my package. What a tender mercy/divine signature that was! It fits perfectly although the sleeves are a little short but it means a lot to me and is super cute.

For some members we love we are anonymously dropping off a little something each day this week and saying it is 7 things I like about you. Im super excited!

 Well, I will write more if I think of anything else. Next week I'll let you know of any changes happening. I cant believe it is that time again.

 Love you!

Sister Balero

Hey Family!

Hey family!
It's been one crazy week!! I'm going to send my regular email and then my page of notes. Haha
Monday we went to sister hardy's after emailing and had a relaxing paint nails afternoon then we went over to the States who I LOVE and she taught us to crochet!! It is awesome! One of my favorite hobbies now! If I made you all a scarf would you wear them? What color do you want? And do you want a thick one or a cute thin one with possibly a slouching matching hat if I can figure out that pattern. That's my Christmas present that will be way late! Haha. It was so much fun though!
Tuesday was New Year's Eve and I finished all of my yarn so I have half a scarf. And we were searching for sparkling cider and sister Francis came and dropped some off that they went and got. It was so sweet! We also saw fireworks while we were out.
Wednesday we had an awesome day and set up a bunch of appointments and had 2 lessons even before lunch time! It was great! We had dinner with the Francis's which was really good! I love them! :)
Thursday we started getting lunches on top of our dinners 3 days a week! I'm going to gain so much weight! Haha. This sweet girl drew me the cutest card at lunch!
Friday...wait for it...WE GOT A CAR! should probably plan on me being transferred soon because I never stay in a car area long! Haha. It was kind of a bitter sweet moment. I actually enjoy walking for the most part. There are definitely pros and cons. We are going to try and find a balance. Pray for me though because I am nervous to drive again. Especially in the snow. But I love our Chevy cruze even though it is way different from the other cars I've driven. We had a really good French toast and fresh fruit lunch! Yummy :) We did some service. And then we weekly planned.
Saturday morning we went to sister hardy's and she taught us to make bread! It is a super easy quick and delicious recipe! We made bread, breadsticks and cinnamon rolls from the same recipe and all in

the span of less than 3 hrs. It's the pantry secrets bread recipe! Try brown sugar on the cinnamon rolls! It's so much better! I will send you the recipe but will have to send a letter with instructions! We also made 3 minute healthy potato chips which I know christa would love. The thing is called topchip and I sent some pics of it. We also made cute plan of salvation cut outs and chalked them. And she has a laminator :) we then got cafe rio for dinner!! So yummy! I ate way too much! The kids even got in their Sunday dress for us! It was so cute! I then came home super sick though :( I think a mix of eating too much :(
Sunday we went to church for 6 hours. 2 hrs in 3 wards. And then we had an awesome Hawaiian dinner at the states! So stinking delicious!!! And then we went to a boundary changing meeting.
That's basically the week. You will get this later because we had to go to Provo today for pres interviews. I love you and hope you're doing well!
Sister Balero

PS I got the package and am so grateful for the music.  I thought you seriously sent me only chocolate for like 10 minutes and was going to cry! Haha. The earmuffs are super cute and I am totally jealous!

PPS make chocolate covered grapes and freeze them! Delicious!

Sister Balero

Merry Christmas

Dec. 30, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Monday was an awesome Pday! We spent the day making our very own Ugly Sweaters! :) hehe.

Tuesday we just went around dropping off cookies and visiting families. I had a small cough but that was really all. And in the evening we had a really spiritual evening with the Knudsens. It was neat.

Wednesday I Woke up feeling miserable. I didn't even want to move from the couch to open presents and worst of all I knew my voice was going out and I was looking forward to my call. We ate breakfast at Mom Andersons! It was really good but I couldn't eat much. And then we attempted to curl my hair because I wanted to look good for you guys but of course it wouldn't cooperate. :( Then we went to The Matthews and when we left she told me that she thinks that I didn't just have a cold but strep who knows though. And then we went to facetime. The family was partially already sick and then I think I stressed myself out with my voice and then taking forever for it to connect to the wifi and made myself more sick. It just wasn't the perfect Christmas I had been playing out for weeks. :( It was so good to talk to you guys though. I just wish I could redo it. I wanted you to see me happy and enjoying my time not complaining and crying. And I'm sorry that I sounded pretty negative about some of my Christmas. I didn't mean it. I’m using the bag and I love it. The yellow cardigan might be a little big but it’ll work. And I really am grateful for all you sent me. Really you are probably spending too much on me. I felt so greedy afterwards because that's what I wanted to avoid this Christmas and focus on Christ and also because you guys sounded like you had a small Christmas. After we finished they sent us home and I was inside sleeping and watching Disney movies until sunday. And my comp made me take this NASTY medicine. Ribotessin? And also EmergenC which wasn't too bad. So it was a pretty pathetic Christmas. Talking to you guys was definitely the highlight! Then Sunday I finally left the house and gave a talk that I prepared on the stand and was just pretty low energy most of the day. I need to get up to eating food again. I have lost so much weight. My skirts are now all loose.

Well, I think that is all! I love you lots! Have a great New Year! :)

Sister Balero