Monday, May 19, 2014

Music Recording

Hola Family!
So this week wasn't a very exciting week. Honestly most of it is a blur. haha
Monday we had a zone activity which was fun. One of the sisters in our district told us funny old stories while she crocheted. haha Then we had dinner at dusty's which was really good.
This week we did the recording. We were going to record for mothers day but then didn't have time but then we got a call from the daughter of one of our fellowshippers who couldn't stop talking about the song that we had sung in church and asked if we could record it for her mom whose sister had just passed away. It was complicated haha. We had a crazy week. But found an hour time slot and had to do it within that time frame. He then asked if we wanted to send it home so we did. Not the best recording but we got it done and it was still a good experience.
Wednesday night we invited some investigators and less actives to come to this free community concert that was Jessie Clark Funk and Daniel Beck so we got to attend with them. One of our investigators-The for sure going one- Sprained her ankle really bad though and couldn't come. We didn't get to stay for the whole thing because we had a coordination meeting but it was sooo good! They are amazing! 
Friday was our zone conference which was really good :) President is so inspired. He always seems to know exactly what each of us needs. We also got asked to sing as we showed up to zone conference so we had to run home and grab some music and sing. haha. Good thing we've sung that song a bajillion times. haha
Sister Volmer wasnt feeling good saturday so we stayed in most of the day.
Sunday we went to church at the villa and each had to speak and then sang. We then went to multiple linger longers and then taught some lessons. After reporting numbers we went to the eddingtons who were having cake waffles and singing after seminary graduation. They were delicious. Just a cake mix in the waffle iron and then a scoop of ice cream and syrups on top. yum yum!
Well, I think thats about it. Love you lots!

Sister Balero

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

So not much has happened this week. haha. Just teaching lessons like we always do.
Wednesday night we did a mutual for a couple young women in whiterocks branch. We played missionary jeopardy. It was super fun. Our ward mission leader was there and was super competitive, It was hillarious. 
Saturday we planted a garden at the Felkins for service which was fun and then we had a steak fry in the evening where everyone tried to give us ALL the extra food and there was a lot of it. No wonder the average weight gain is 60 lbs! haha. 
Sunday we went to two wards. The second one the Laurels class presidency spoke and they all did awesome! I wish I had a copy of all of their talks. And then we handed out some mothers day cards and then in the evening I GOT TO TALK TO YOU! I think that wins for best part of the week. It was hard to say goodbye but I felt so good afterward :) 
But I think that is about it! I love you so much!

Sister Balero

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

One Year Come and Gone

May 5 
Well it has been a crazy but really good week for the most part :) And I forgot my notes...again.
Monday was really boring. I ended up falling asleep. oops! We had 3 lessons that night which was good :) One was Dusty the lesson before that I said was my total teaching by the spirit lesson. He said he had a couple of rough weeks but knew it was coming because that lesson was so powerful and has really stuck with him and thanked me again. Really it was the spirit teaching but it is a blessing to see the spirit work through me because I was able to listen and follow it and be worthy to have it.  And our last appt gave us each John Bytheway CDs to listen to and we love them but have realized how much we drive because we are almost done with the first set. haha. A break from the music we are sick of though.
Tuesday was a busy day all day which was awesome :) We read like we do all tuesdays. I love the ultimate gift and am excited to finish it in a couple of weeks. Its hard to have to wait a week to read more. Sometimes its hard to remember we are only doing it for service because we get so excited and in to it. haha
Wednesday we went on exchanges which were good except for the first time we had a bunch of dead time and nothing to do and felt like I was totally lazy. The lessons that day were really good though. My companion for the day and I were really good at equalizing our teaching which was nice. 
Wednesday was my year mark!! :)We first had ZTM in the morning which was good :) We had a dutch oven dinner at the felkins and burned my skirt :) It was awesome! I love them :) We then had two really good lessons in the evening. It was a good day :)
Friday we had our long weekly planning session and then more really good lessons :)
Saturday was awesome as well. We filled our empty day with productive things to do :) We ate lunch at home and then i realized I had no food so I ate a small bowl of cereal and was starving. I remeber saying a prayer that I would be able to find food or last until dinner. We were then invited to the stake baptisms. We were 20 minutes late and they were all over. We were bummed. The girl we were going to the dad is excommunicated and so the priest age son baptized the 8year old. The rest of the family was really active. So I updated some teaching records in the chapel and then the mom saw us and invited us over to lunch. So I got lunch and we got into the home :) It was awesome and an answer to prayer. We then had a lesson with a couple who are impossible to teach. They like to talk and will tell a 10 minute story about a bunny cupcake in the middle of our repentance lesson. True story. But they were quiet and listened and it was short but powerful as they said they needed to go back to church. We then stopped by the Wildas and talked and she made us this strawberry lemonade and chocolate peanut butter ice creams that were delicious! :) Yum! and then we had another lesson that goes about the same as the other couple and it went really well too!
Then Sunday we went to church all day which was really good! WE havent had like ANYONE at church for weeks and so many people came!! It was awesome! There is one less active who took himself to church last week and came again with his wife this week. We werent in his ward but heard he bore his testimony. I taught the restoration to them on exchanges. We had been trying to get into that home but struggling and then we finally did and then last night found out HES NOT A MEMBER! Tender Mercy! We have been struggling to find investigators and we didnt even know we were already working with one who was progressing! We were so happy! Everyone told us he was less active because they assumed he was a member! :) yay! That was neat! We helped the felkins prepare their dinner in one of our dead times and then we headed to had been a full 24 hours when we got there and they invited us in and said. so its not done so do you want to just share your thought first? It ended up being 20 minutes later. haha.  Hawaiian haystacks! My favorite! In the evening we went to singing again which was good :) 
So I know there was more than that but that is all I can really remember. 
I love you! have a great week
Sister Balero

Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's about to get Real

Hi Family!
I should've brought my notes. Less than a week and I'll have been out for a year! Crazy right? 
Well monday was a pretty relaxing Pday which was nice. I did some crocheting :)
There was a lot of good appts and a ton that fell through this week.
But there were some good things :)
Wednesday I got 5 letters :) Total tender mercy
Thursday I got 2 more from gma and gpa sant :) Thursday night D said the sweetest prayer. Her son passed away and she told Heavenly Father as if she was talking to him that they miss him a lot but they know he is with him helping him out and they cant wait to be with him again. She offered to pray even which is a change from a month ago when she wouldn't even attempt to pray out loud
Friday I got 2 more letters :) One was from sister molina with a bookmark from Sarah Curtis (Mama Curtis's daughter- sister Molinas springville mom) who I have never even met! Total tender mercy again. And so sweet that she would think of me :) And it was inspired. Sister Molina sent me a quote I really needed as well. She writes me at least once a week. :)And saw the H's finding out that Robert was going to get the priesthood sunday :)
Saturday We had NOTHING. So we went to find some service. And we definitely found some. We showed up at the E's ( a member family we love) and the teenage boys were in the middle of trying to saw part of the kitchen island they had. There was a lot of craziness. It was loud, stunk and then the saw caught on fire. hahaha. they got the piece off but it kindof had chunks and pieces sticking out ready to stab you and wasnt very straight. haha. So they taped it and waited for dad to fix it. haha. We then cleaned that kitchen. There was so much saw dust and aired it all out. Sister Volmer and kiana were shaking out a rug when sister E and I hear. oh no. Thats my dad and they ran back inside trying to hide it. We couldnt stop laughing almost to the point of crying. They first blamed it on us saying we were looking for service and so they let us cut the table and then let him know the real story. He was like I leave for an hour! haha. It was so funny. Sister E said you dont have a nice house so that your kids can learn and have experiences. haha. She had a good attitude about it all.
In the end They ended up having to buy a new saw but it looks really nice now that dad fixed it all up! haha
Sunday we sang in two ward which was good. In one of our lessons we read 2 ne 5 and learned about the manner of happiness. it was really good. And then at 8 we went to singing at the E's. It was great :) They do it every sunday where the high school kids are all invited to come over from 8-10 in church dress and sing church music. She has a cupboard of music and the kids take turns playing piano. Its so neat. And the missionaries used to always come over and share missionary messages like how they can share the gospel on facebook but we just found out about it. We want to start something like it at home :) They also use it to invite nonmembers and less actives to come and feel the spirit. During Christmas they practice christmas songs and then carol every week :) I thought it would be awesome if christa and kenedy could do something like it  :) They said sometimes there is a lot of people and sometimes a little but everyone knows about it and just comes when they can. Its awesome :)

Well, I think that is all and I am way over email time but I love you and hope you have a great week :)

Sister Balero