Saturday, December 28, 2013


Nov 25

Wednesday we taught the 9 year old we put on date for my birthday! :) And we were reading her Book of Mormon stories and with big eyes she said I LOVE THIS BOOK! It is just filled with a bunch of tiny miracles! I thought that was awesome that she recognized that!

 Thursday was one of the most amazing days!! So I may or may not have been able to see my best friend aka FAIRY who may or may not have been staying with her sister in eagle mountain! :) It made me so happy! And it was just what I needed to be remotivated and to remember what I love about this work! :) She fed us lunch! :) It was super yummy! :) We then had exchanges which was really good because this has been such a hard week. We got fed some delicious food in the Spanish area! :) And then a second dinner later...Luckily it was just a tuna sandwich. When we went home we ate some Southern Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream! So delicious! It made me think of jean because I remember the first time I ever heard of it was when she was visiting from Texas and wanted to find the mix to make a cake. My comp for the day was from Texas.

 Friday was a rough day. At one point we were knocking doors in the cold for about 2 hours which at that point our hands were not able to move. Even all the member families we would normally stop by to warm up and make a plan were gone. Eventually we went and hung with Bishops wife. She is seriously the cutest and sweetest! And I love their kids! One of the doors we knocked was a member family and she opened the door and we asked if she was okay because she just looked upset and she said it’s been a hard day. We then said sorry and she told us that her husband has been unemployed for 6 months and the job they thought he was going to get was given to someone else that day and that Christmas was coming up. It broke my heart. I felt so selfish! I decided I am not going to buy anything but the food I need while shopping and buy presents for them!! We also met one of our investigators who is completely active and knows it’s all true but wants to wait another year and a half to be baptized by his missionary son and is very stubborn about he will not change his mind.

We then slept at the Spanish sisters house because my comp was leaving very early to go with her family to watch her younger siblings be sealed. Approved sleepover number two! I am happy for her but it has been tough hearing her talk about getting to be with her family all week when I can’t!

Sunday we went to a primary program. I loved it! For dinner we had homemade chicken and broccoli hot pockets! So delicious!!!! :) And then appointments cancelled. Then we went to a missionary BYD. Which was awesome! And then we went to a member family who invited us over for cookies and hot chocolate! It was great! They are adorable!  It was so much fuN! :)

 Did I tell you before my nickname given by the M girls? Sister Buffalo. Because she couldn't remember my name and couldn't pronounce balero! haha.

 That was the week! There was more than I remembered! Love you! Can’t wait to hear from you this week! :)


Sister Balero       

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