Wednesday, February 26, 2014

4 Incredible Children of God

Feb 24
Well it's been an off week but not necessarily a bad week.
Monday was a great day! With waffle love and then a fun district activity where we baked treats and just sat around and talked. I finally felt included and it felt so good to just sit and talk about things.
Tuesday we had exchanges which was really good because I got to talk to my STL about some of the struggles I am having. It felt good to just talk it out with someone.
Wednesday is when my knee started swelling. :( And has just gotten worse and today has started getting better. 
Thursday was the baptism of the B girls. They are amazing and it was so neat! We had a struggle last minute finding out they may not be able to get baptized and we weren't even supposed to be teaching them because they are from Afghanistan and have a Muslim background that could put them in danger. It all worked out though! We also taught one of our less actives and we were talking about the importance of church and she said she thought that the reason was so we could fill back up and that she noticed a difference just with the one week we weren't able to see her. It was neat. 
Friday I got a blessing for my knee.  It was a really neat blessing. One thing he said is that if I turn to the Lord in prayer he will become my best friend and I will love him more than anyone else. A direct answer to my prayers that morning. I had been reading over my patriarchal blessing and really thinking about my future and not being good enough for anyone and it says that I will marry someone who loves the Lord as much as I do and I just kind of cried to Heavenly Father and said "Do I even really love you that much because I feel so distant?" So that was neat. I only could remember a few parts from the blessing but I was also blessed to build a strong relationship with my companions and to be able to work out any problems and then also to have the strength to do anything I need to despite my knee.
We also saw another family and the mom is less active and we were teaching tithing. She said Oh now I understand it. I want to pay tithing now! I want to be blessed. It was so neat! And then she talked about the feeling she has when she has been reading praying and coming to church and she just said that it feels so good and she never wants her children to go without that feeling! 
Saturday we had another baptism. E & H. They are incredible! I love them. I will have to write a letter with more details. We also had a cream cheese braid for breakfast which was absolutely delicious!! 
Sunday every ward's topic was forgiveness and it was something I really needed to hear with what I am going through. I never thought that forgiveness would be the thing I would need to work on but Heavenly father kindof kicked me in the face with it. haha.

Overall we had about 30 lessons this week and only 10 true fellowshipping. It's still good. But not where we wanted it. No members were available to go out with us at all this week :(  And I was trying not to get discouraged. There was nothing I didn't do that I would have with a healthy knee besides walk a little slower. Well I love you and hope you have a fabulous week! :)

Sister Balero

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