Wednesday, February 26, 2014

9 months come and gone

Feb 3
It seems like every week I have less and less to say. haha. It was a good week. Almost 30 lessons and 7 new investigators! :) It was awesome! We did so much cleaning this week! I was so sick of it. We helped someone move and it was a disaster! And we cleaned a few houses. One home we cleaned we were over for lunch and she was really appreciative. She is a professional photographer and is going to take our photos :) And a dinner we went to he makes poly fiber and gave us each a ring he made! it was super neat!  Another dinner they made pizza and cinnamon sticks! They were so good! And they had a soda stream which was pretty cool! I cant believe I am halfway! Crazy! One last thing I was thinking about. We were talking about baby blessings and how the things in them are really from God and are so the personality of that person and I was just wondering if you remember anything said in mine. I know its been a while though so its okay if not.
A couple of things from church yesterday. We were talking about how spiritual gifts and how they are given to compensate for our weaknesses. I thought that was neat.
We also talked about making our prayers more meaningful. One thing hit me that I'd never thought about before. He said we need to show the Lord in our prayers that we are willing to act. Joseph smith didn't ask which church was true even though that was what he was searching for but he asked which one he should join.
Well, I hope all is well at home! I love you!
Sister Balero            

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