Monday, March 3, 2014

Leaving My Home in the Wilderness

I don’t know if I have really much to say this week. I had a HARD week. I don’t know exactly why. I just felt almost hollow. I had no motivation felt really down and just wanted to quit. It was kind of scary. I got a blessing while we were on exchanges, which was good. And stake conference was super powerful and I really enjoyed it besides the fact that I had to speak. I’m sending my talk. We had 43 lessons this week. 31 True fellowshipping again. It was good! And 17 of those both were just yesterday! Woot!
A couple of things I liked from stake conference.
One girl said to the group
"Dear Brothers and sisters,
You are called to serve as a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You have been assigned to labor at all time and in all things and in all places. It is anticipated that you will serve for the rest of your life so start now"
I thought that was neat.
There was a little boy who spoke who has a disease where he is basically allergic to his hair. He made me cry!! Holy cow. He said that he likes to swing at recess but sometimes when he does his hood falls off and he gets embarrassed because of his bald head. And then he said I know though that I just have to be strong like Christ and I know that when I was in heaven I told Heavenly Father that I would go down and take this upon myself. It was so sad.
Lastly when we were in a lesson this week. We were talking about the plan of salvation and the person we were teaching said how she liked how there wasn’t really a hell and what the fellowshipper said really hit me. She said "hell to me would be knowing what I could’ve had and not making it"
Well I hope that you have a fabulous week! I love you!
Sister Balero

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