Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey Family!

Hey family!
It's been one crazy week!! I'm going to send my regular email and then my page of notes. Haha
Monday we went to sister hardy's after emailing and had a relaxing paint nails afternoon then we went over to the States who I LOVE and she taught us to crochet!! It is awesome! One of my favorite hobbies now! If I made you all a scarf would you wear them? What color do you want? And do you want a thick one or a cute thin one with possibly a slouching matching hat if I can figure out that pattern. That's my Christmas present that will be way late! Haha. It was so much fun though!
Tuesday was New Year's Eve and I finished all of my yarn so I have half a scarf. And we were searching for sparkling cider and sister Francis came and dropped some off that they went and got. It was so sweet! We also saw fireworks while we were out.
Wednesday we had an awesome day and set up a bunch of appointments and had 2 lessons even before lunch time! It was great! We had dinner with the Francis's which was really good! I love them! :)
Thursday we started getting lunches on top of our dinners 3 days a week! I'm going to gain so much weight! Haha. This sweet girl drew me the cutest card at lunch!
Friday...wait for it...WE GOT A CAR! should probably plan on me being transferred soon because I never stay in a car area long! Haha. It was kind of a bitter sweet moment. I actually enjoy walking for the most part. There are definitely pros and cons. We are going to try and find a balance. Pray for me though because I am nervous to drive again. Especially in the snow. But I love our Chevy cruze even though it is way different from the other cars I've driven. We had a really good French toast and fresh fruit lunch! Yummy :) We did some service. And then we weekly planned.
Saturday morning we went to sister hardy's and she taught us to make bread! It is a super easy quick and delicious recipe! We made bread, breadsticks and cinnamon rolls from the same recipe and all in

the span of less than 3 hrs. It's the pantry secrets bread recipe! Try brown sugar on the cinnamon rolls! It's so much better! I will send you the recipe but will have to send a letter with instructions! We also made 3 minute healthy potato chips which I know christa would love. The thing is called topchip and I sent some pics of it. We also made cute plan of salvation cut outs and chalked them. And she has a laminator :) we then got cafe rio for dinner!! So yummy! I ate way too much! The kids even got in their Sunday dress for us! It was so cute! I then came home super sick though :( I think a mix of eating too much :(
Sunday we went to church for 6 hours. 2 hrs in 3 wards. And then we had an awesome Hawaiian dinner at the states! So stinking delicious!!! And then we went to a boundary changing meeting.
That's basically the week. You will get this later because we had to go to Provo today for pres interviews. I love you and hope you're doing well!
Sister Balero

PS I got the package and am so grateful for the music.  I thought you seriously sent me only chocolate for like 10 minutes and was going to cry! Haha. The earmuffs are super cute and I am totally jealous!

PPS make chocolate covered grapes and freeze them! Delicious!

Sister Balero

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