Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey family!
I hope you had a great valentines day! I love you so much and miss you tons!
This week we had 41 lessons. 31 of those 41 had an active member there fellowshipping, which is incredible! The work is so great! We have 4 baptisms this week which will be an awesome experience! The people are incredible. Transfers are in 3 weeks. I shouldn't be thinking of them yet but I have a peace about leaving if I do. I have seen so much growth in this area and I know I have done my job if The Lord wants me to leave but who knows. We still have 3 weeks will that. I have a couple of other places I'd like to serve so we'll see what The Lord has planned.
We have seriously been so busy that I've stopped functioning. But this work is amazing. I love seeing the joy that comes as these people come to realize how to find joy and peace and purpose. We made cute valentines cards.Sister Hardy made them adorable. We got a couple of valentines gifts that were super sweet and thoughtful. Thanks for my package by the way. :) gosh I miss you guys. It hit hard a couple of times this week. Saturday we went to Springville for a baptism of someone my companion taught there. That was fun. We also had an awesome zone conference! Well that's all I can think of. I still need to update you with people but just never have time. Worst thing about Presidents' Day is no mail. Bummer. Love you! Oh also Wednesday we went to the temple and then panda express. It was good! Sorry this email is so scrambled!
Sister Balero

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