Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekly Challenge

Feb 10
So...I always think of things I forgot to say but nothing in the moment. Its much more exciting to get emails than to write them. haha. Monday we finally went to the post office! haha. I'm glad you got the package okay. Then we went and shopped. This week we had 36 lesson! Woot woot! I'm trying to remember what else happened...I can't think of anything. Dang. Sorry. This is lame. Well I'll let you know if I think of anything else. Sorry! 

Sister Balero

Oh I remember! I have a challenge for your weekly goal! 
We taught a lesson last night with a family that is struggling to bond because they don't really express their love for each other. Sister Molina said that when she was at home every night at dinner they had to say one thing they liked about each person and that person would have to accept it by saying yes. I am. So we had them do it.  It was really hard for them to do but it was powerful. And I wished that I would have showed you guys how much I appreciate you all and love you earlier. Would you guys try that?

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