Monday, February 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Dec. 30, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Monday was an awesome Pday! We spent the day making our very own Ugly Sweaters! :) hehe.

Tuesday we just went around dropping off cookies and visiting families. I had a small cough but that was really all. And in the evening we had a really spiritual evening with the Knudsens. It was neat.

Wednesday I Woke up feeling miserable. I didn't even want to move from the couch to open presents and worst of all I knew my voice was going out and I was looking forward to my call. We ate breakfast at Mom Andersons! It was really good but I couldn't eat much. And then we attempted to curl my hair because I wanted to look good for you guys but of course it wouldn't cooperate. :( Then we went to The Matthews and when we left she told me that she thinks that I didn't just have a cold but strep who knows though. And then we went to facetime. The family was partially already sick and then I think I stressed myself out with my voice and then taking forever for it to connect to the wifi and made myself more sick. It just wasn't the perfect Christmas I had been playing out for weeks. :( It was so good to talk to you guys though. I just wish I could redo it. I wanted you to see me happy and enjoying my time not complaining and crying. And I'm sorry that I sounded pretty negative about some of my Christmas. I didn't mean it. I’m using the bag and I love it. The yellow cardigan might be a little big but it’ll work. And I really am grateful for all you sent me. Really you are probably spending too much on me. I felt so greedy afterwards because that's what I wanted to avoid this Christmas and focus on Christ and also because you guys sounded like you had a small Christmas. After we finished they sent us home and I was inside sleeping and watching Disney movies until sunday. And my comp made me take this NASTY medicine. Ribotessin? And also EmergenC which wasn't too bad. So it was a pretty pathetic Christmas. Talking to you guys was definitely the highlight! Then Sunday I finally left the house and gave a talk that I prepared on the stand and was just pretty low energy most of the day. I need to get up to eating food again. I have lost so much weight. My skirts are now all loose.

Well, I think that is all! I love you lots! Have a great New Year! :)

Sister Balero

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