Monday, February 24, 2014

Turn Outward. Look Heavenward.

Jan. 13, 2014
Well, This week is a little of a blur...

Monday we were running around all day.

We taught 22 lessons this week which was awesome! We can definitely see the blessings of a car. ummm...I honestly have no clue of what we did. I guess nothing exciting! Oh we had exchanges which was good. Oh, a lady we are teaching invited us over last night to meet her sister and brother in law ( a member of the seventy). It was really neat! We talked about tender mercies and he talked about divine signatures by Gerald lund which was awesome! The spirit was so strong! She shared a quote that I love " Search inward. Turn Outward. Look Heavenward." Pres. Monson.

AND I loved my package. What a tender mercy/divine signature that was! It fits perfectly although the sleeves are a little short but it means a lot to me and is super cute.

For some members we love we are anonymously dropping off a little something each day this week and saying it is 7 things I like about you. Im super excited!

 Well, I will write more if I think of anything else. Next week I'll let you know of any changes happening. I cant believe it is that time again.

 Love you!

Sister Balero

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