Monday, February 24, 2014

Staying in Eagle Mtn


Jan 20

So its been another good week but not much to really report.

We had about 24 lessons this week. :) It was awesome! :)

We just had a couple of exciting things this week. The first is our 7 things I like about you! We found out Mom Johnson was going to be released from her calling and be put into the stake so this originally started with her. We did hers immediately and it ended on Sunday when she was put in as the stake YW president. It went really well and the last day ended in a missionary badge that said missionary mom under and she wore it to church. She said she was totally crying and wants to take us out to lunch tomorrow! I love her! :) The other ones are still in the process. One Sister caught us and ditched us back. I will send pics. Then another Sister is leaving scriptures on her door that we take as we leave one :) It is the cutest! Each is something small that has a pun with it. For example. day #3 We like how "bubbly" and thanks for never "blowing" us off. hehe. And #5 Thanks for always being on "top" of things and being willing to drive us "around" (with bubbles and a top). hehe. I love it though! We are not the sneakiest though! haha. Then We had a relief society conference on saturday and we ate tamales and other delicious food the spanish branch made! yum! It was super good! And then I was super sick yesterday stressing that I would be transfered. We were split at one point and sister N is making sure we exercise so we drove to her house in the freezing cold and did P90X yoga in at 6:30 this morning. Another family said their daughter got ulcers on her mission because of the stress and it sounds like what I'm going through :(  And then we found out that both of us will be staying in the area! crazy! Didn't expect that! I am so excited to stay!!  Oh and it was so cool to see the Kurtzes at the temple. Well, I think that’s all. I love you sooooooo much! Hope to hear soon!

Sister Balero

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