Friday, August 23, 2013

In Orem

July 1 

 I feel like the Lord has thrown me into the fire to be refined. I know he is there watching me but I am ready to be pulled out of the heat now!  Monday and Tuesday consisted of a lot including goodbyes. We had a goodbye party at Mom and Dads with the Phillips. For Father's day we gave Dad a card that said "You're kind-of like a Father to can I have $20? Just kidding. Kinda." And as I said goodbye Dad gave me a $20 that had written on the back "In case of emergency. Love Dad!" It was so sweet! We went to the temple and then had my not fun in pain the whole time dentist appointment which I am so glad is finally finished. That night I said more goodbyes and then the Phillips bought us Cafe Rio which was DELICIOUS! And then Megan wrote me a song! It was kind of a joke at first that she had to write us each a song but the song was so precious to me! I recorded it and hopefully I can get it to you somehow. I just bawled. I got so attached to everyone in Payson and it was so hard to leave. Especially those girls! As I finished packing Wednesday morning the Phillips came over. Megan also wrote me a really heartfelt note. It really made me feel like I have purpose even through my times of struggle. And McKenzie bought me a little bear that says I Love You! And then I had to leave.

So transfers. My companion is Sister Tjong-Ayong. She is from Suriname a country above Brazil in South America that speaks Dutch and she looks Asian. She is super sweet.  
Oh and I am driving. That doesn't help with the stress because as you may know, Utah drivers are the WORST!

I guess I feel more like a missionary now, but I lost that balance that I had finally found in Payson. The people in Payson were all so friendly and kind and fun!  I know it'll get better in time. Everyone keeps cancelling on us or not being home or not opening up the doors for us. I want it to be hard but not so hard that I can't enjoy myself. But I just have to be patient and try my best. I have seen that a lot in the scriptures I have been studying as well. There are a few investigators I love though and I am trying my best to just focus on those positive aspects of this area! I got a few letters this week that made life a lot better though! Like hearing from Harley and Miranda! And I got a really awesome letter from one of Sister Reynolds's friends who I have been writing! It totally made my day! I read some talks this morning from April 2012 conference (May 2012 ensign) that I loved and want to share. The first is Sacrifice by Elder Oaks. It talks about how we all make sacrifices but how the Savior sacrificed his life and suffered for us and it is worth it because it is for him who did everything for us. And we are blessed for those sacrifices. The other one is one of my favorites called "Mountains to Climb" by Elder Eyring. You are just going to have to go read through it again because I cannot give it justice but it just talks about how everything we are going through, even when it seems too hard to bear, is for our benefit and brings us so much closer to the Lord than we could ever get otherwise. And really these afflictions are only for a small moment and the reward will be great!

I love you and miss you so much! Thank you for all you have done for me and for being patient with my imperfect self even when times are rough!


Sister Balero

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