Friday, August 23, 2013

Just Past the 2 month mark!

Hi Everyone! 

First things first- HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE TOMORROW! You are not allowed to drive until after I get home! Because I need to see your lovely not writing your sister face one last time at least! ;)

Second things second- I keep forgetting to say this! Or maybe I have said it and keep forgetting I've told you. haha. I LOVE MY FORTE! HOODIE!! I wear it every night to bed and it’s like my comfort clothing! I just feel so loved and supported and less homesick when I wear it!

And now I will start on my crazy long week!

ok so let’s start with the rest of Monday!

Well we went shopping! It was weird to be shopping in the same place that I was shopping with you right before the mission. It’s like a flashback every day. The hotel we stayed in in April is across the street from my area. Krispy Kreme is my area! Sister Missionary Mall and University Mall is my area!  Then that night we had an adventure. Maybe I should have paid more attention when you were teaching me to pump gas...We needed gas and guess who has never done that. Me and my comp. The first two gas stations we went to were out of gas! What??? So we were already thrown off! And then the first pump at the one that did have gas was having problems so then we turned around and tried another one and I think something was off because it just wouldn't work. After forever we asked a couple to help us and they couldn't figure it out with our card either which made me feel less stupid! And then they decided just to pay for us! I felt so bad but they said it was a good opportunity because they hadn't been able to do anything for the missionaries for a while. It was such a tender mercy! And then on the way to our last appointment a little skunk strutted into the road. Like Honestly STRUTTED! And I didn’t run over it but drove over it and I think it scared him and he sprayed because it STUNK! It was an adventure to say the least! haha.

Tuesday and Wednesday were just rough! We seriously cannot find anyone to teach! Everyone was cancelling or not home and the few we have been teaching are not progressing in the least because they have no desire or have told us straight up.
Ok. Then was the 4th of July! Longest day of my life! haha.

We had to be up super early to be in Provo by 7:30 and the traffic was crazy! The day before people had already set out blankets and tents! We couldn't figure out how to get to the mission office because everything was blocked off! So we parked like 7 blocks away. In the morning the weather was cool and way nice! We started at Provo High! And everyone was so happy to see all their old friends and companions. There were 2 people who I felt really cared and it meant a lot. The first is Sister Rees. I don't know how much I've told you about her but she is seriously my absolute best friend here! I can tell she truly cares about me and I can really open up to her.  We just got to sit on a bench and talk! It was so good!  The other person was Kaylynn. She welcomed me, included me and talked to me and it meant a lot! And guess what else? I found out she's in my zone!! :) During the Parade I got to see Lance and that was awesome! A total tender mercy! I was so happy to see him! I wish I could’ve stayed and talked for a minute. And then I saw him again as I was leaving/ driving away! And his baby who is adorable!  It was neat seeing there is so much support for us!! After we had a mission lunch and I sat with her again. That night we had our district activity and Sister Harrison's district was combined with ours so we got to talk and play monopoly and she made Sister Creer style caramel popcorn and reeses brownies which were DELICIOUS! And then we got to watch How to Train Your dragon which was awesome! :) At 9 we went home and then found out we got locked out of the pool house. The outside door is always open so we only have keys to our room inside. And since it was the 4th we couldn't get ahold of anyone! haha. It was a blessing in disguise though because we got to sit outside on the pool lawn chairs and watch the fireworks! :) We ended up having to drive to the mission home in Provo to spend the night. So it was a LONG day!

Ok, I am like out of time and still have so much more to say so sorry if I'm brief!

We had ZTM and watched two awesome Mormon Messages! Look up Earthly and Heavenly Father.

Saturday was the baptism and it went really well even though somebody stole the jumpsuit we set aside. Behind the scenes craziness! haha. But it was awesome! In her baptism talk the speaker referred to the Holy Ghost as Hot Chocolate feelings! I really liked that! The feeling you get when sipping Hot Chocolate on a cold day! After the baptism K said she felt like she was floating and asked if that made sense? And it was neat because that’s how I explain it!  We then drove to Payson for another baptism and it was neat to be in Payson again and I got to see the Phillips girls which was awesome! I miss them!  It just felt like home and really it is my mission born and raised home! And we got to stop by the temple which was great! I miss it! And we have had rain this week! Another tender mercy!!
We had a crazy thunder storm that was a little scary for a while though. Well even though I have so much more to say I have gone way over time! I will send pictures next week and once I have stamps mail some to you as well! Love you and miss you!

Sister Balero

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