Friday, March 28, 2014

A Warm but Frozen Week

March 24
So I set a new goal to take a picture a day so you've got a lot of pictures a coming :)
Monday was St Patricks day which was fun. We were running around and never really got a break like we had hoped for. A lady gave us some of her used clothes :) New wardrobe :)
Tuesday. Frozen came out. And I wanted to cry. haha. In honor of the day we blasted Let it GO all day! hehe. It was super warm and sunny and then all of a sudden this freak snow storm happened! Hence the video and picures! And then it was warm again and cleared up. We knew it was because of the release of the movie though. On wednesday we were supposed to help birth some goats but the text never went through so we missed it. But we got to hold the babies :)
Thursday we went on exchanges which was really good so I was in Vernal for the day.
Saturday was Robert and Remos baptism. It was really neat. We sang 'Come unto Christ' and the spirit was really strong. Then all of our appointments cancelled and no one was home. It was so hard. I was trying so hard to follow the spirit and felt like I got no where. I just feel like at this point I should know better and be closer to the spirit than I am. It was hard to go home with zero lessons taught.
Sunday was good. We taught some really good lessons :)
I thought there was a whole bunch more to say but I guess not. haha
I love you and hope you're doing great :)
Sister Balero

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