Friday, March 28, 2014

Adventures in Roosevelt

March 17


This week has been insane. I am so worn out right now! We have been crazy busy and with sister volmer and I we have been having WAY too much fun! haha. The people we are teaching are awesome! And the spirit has been so strong in some of them! There are truly people prepared. I have been so tired emotionally and physically and spiritually though. I am glad to have Sister Volmer though. She is an amazing companion and it has been nice to just talk and feel like someone cares. I haven't had an appetite at all though. I feel like I'm starving and two bites into my food, I feel like I have eaten a horse and am super sick. I dont know why my body is so off. I haven't been sleeping well either. Hopefully it's just adjusting to a new area. 

We had some funny experiences but they are going to take way too long to type out. Sister Volmer took the time though! So you can look at her blog. haha

We went to the temple which was really good. I will write a letter if I think of anything else. I love you and 8 more weeks and I get to talk to you!! :)



Sister Balero

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