Monday, March 31, 2014

11 months out

Hey family! :)I have been out 11 months tomorrow! Crazy huh?
Monday was tiring. We didn't have time to get anything we needed to done. We did wear forte sweatshirts and our forte bright red lipstick :)And we had a zone activity and we ended up playing mafia which was a blast. For dinner we ate pot roast potatoes and carrots. Again. If I never see another pot roast in my life it'll be too soon. Monday evening we taught a couple of lessons which were good and then crashed.
Tuesday we went to get our car looked at because one of our headlight fuses has been out. On Tuesdays we go to a care center and read a book to some of them for service. There is this one lady who sits in and every time when we walk her back to her room she tells us all about her kids and husband and the same story of how her siblings warned her not to marry him because he was from a family of 13 and she would have to have a lot of kids. Haha. We have a lot of freebies. Tuesday we went to subway. And then for dinner we ate...subway.
Wednesday was crazy! We had both car and house inspections and of course the week where on Monday we didn't have time to clean like we normally do. We then taught Vanessa one of our investigators who is hilarious. She is her own person and just says what she thinks. She just barely had a baby. We then went to park side another care center and visited this old man named Lynn who is super sweet and funny. He calls us his home teachers or preacher girls. Haha. We then went on splits for the evening. Wednesday night I kind of had a break down. Feeling really frustrated and inadequate I was grateful to have sister volmer who really helped me with it all.
Thursday we went to the temple and got to do initiatories. Which was a blessing. I haven't done them since the MTC. Almost a year. I got to do the family names that you had sent me so now I can do the endowments. The only sad part about initiatories is not being able to sit in the celestial room. It was good to review those blessings again though. When we go to the temple we also get to do some shopping since there is nothing in Roosevelt. So we went to DI and I bought this beautiful ugly pink velvety skirt to burn at my year mark. Haha. Thursday night we taught Elvis pres...cott. Haha. Him and his wife lost their son and want to be sealed in the temple. He talked about the peace that he felt at the funeral though. The spirit was strong.
Friday was a long day. I haven't been sleeping well at all. I keep waking up often in the middle of the night.  Thursday night I woke up 4 times. 2 from nightmares :( so I haven't been as obedient as I have wanted to in waking up on time. And it's frustrating but I don't feel well and am so exhausted in the mornings. I need to be better. We had weekly planning which was long as usual. And then we saw April and her goats :) one more was born so now along with fractal, brave, and roar (from the songs we used to serenade them when they were supposed to be born) is now Eugene. Hehe :) Wednesday sister volmer had lost her iPad so we continued to search for it Friday afternoon. It was with Lynn thank goodness. And we ran into Virginia while we were there and she asked us to come visit with her so we did. Virginia is the funniest 97 year old lady I have ever met. She makes me so happy. Most of the time she is onry or so she tells us and lately she has just been in the best mood smiling and singing. Haha. Hopefully I can send a picture of me with her next week. We then had two cancellations in the evening
Saturday we had president interviews which are always really good but they lasted forever. We were supposed to be done by 330 and by 4 neither one of us had been interviewed yet. We finally got done at 5 ish and then had to have a super quick dinner with driving time and to make it to the general women's conference. We felt so bad because they prepared this awesome meal and were so excited and we could only stay for 20 minutes. :( the conference was really good. I kept thinking how you were watching it with me just across the country.
Sunday we had a lot of church meetings and spoke too :( haha. It was good though. And then we had every appointment cancel which was really hard. I have been kindof an emotional wreck this week. it has been a tough week for lessons. But we went and found music to perform in sacrament and practiced. It was good to be able to really sing again. 
I feel like there was more but I cant really think of any of it. I hope you are all doing well.

Just a couple of last minute thoughts. I got a letter from lauren last week and she talked about how sometimes we get revelation we dont understand so we have to put it on our faith shelf and tell yourself you wont let it shake your faith and then every once in a while revisit it and see if you have learned anything new. I thought that was really neat as I have applied that this week.
Also, Sister Volmer and I have had a major call to repentance. Since we were put as companions every topic has been on eternal marriage or journal writing. The eternal marriage part I am still trying to figure our but the journal writing sister volmer and I are struggling with. haha.

Well I think thats it for now but I love you!
Sister Balero

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