Monday, September 8, 2014

Plenty of Parties

Hey y'all!

Monday we had a really fun zone activity in Elder and Sister Pratt's backyard. We did Volleyball, mini golf, and zip lining :) I also got Harry Potter stamps! They are the coolest!! That evening we went to a home and ate dinner and sang. Long story. haha When we left there was a mini flash flood. But it was dry by the time we went to bed.

Tuesday we had some lessons. We ran into some college students who had rented a puppy. It was ADORABLE!

Wednesday we had a couple of lessons as well. And then we had lunch at the restaurant one of our former investigators works at. Its called El MexSal. It is Mexican and El Salvadorian food. She is from El Salvador. You're going to have to go when you're in provo. Get pupusas and Horchata :) 2 Pupusas is plenty! Dont be decieved. haha. It's the food El Salvador is famous for :)

Thursday we did some service in the morning and then ate lunch with a less active family. They fed us Cream Cheese Chicken Croissant Puffs. haha. They were so good! It’s a pinterest recipe they said :) Then we did a member visit. It was the home of one of the girls I went to theatre camp with. haha  Then we had another lesson and then planned for the week. In the evening we went to the farmers market they have at the stadium every Thursday. One lady was selling pillowcases and had one with the cutest sister missionary material so I had to buy it! haha Then we spent the evening with the Harrisons. I love them but they are talkers! haha. Our 10 minute stop by turned into a 2 hr visit. 

Friday we had ZTM. And then made phone calls for most of the afternoon. Then we attempted to cover macadamia nuts with chocolate. There were a lot of complications and then when we tried to deliver them they all melted haha. FAIL. We saw a couple of member families in the evening.

Saturday was Party day! Google Fiber throws the best parties. They had a carnival thing and we just went and talked to lots of people. We got free kettle corn and lemonade and cotton candy and there was a steel drum band playing ;) and the photo booth as well. And then we talked to an inactive member for about half an hour and got to testify to him. That was a neat experience. We then went to our dinner appt and no one was home so we went to that malt shoppe that we went to last Education Week we were at. Then we had S’s lesson which was on the book of mormon. It was awesome :) He is really progressing and it’s so neat to see his desires and answers come. We then crashed a YSA closing social.

Sunday we had church. We had a former investigator and less active show up by surprise which was awesome. But a couple people who said they would be there weren’t which was sad. We had dinner with a semi active family which was awesome as well. And then we crashed a stake choir practice. I miss singing! And then we strolled around the Riv bc we always find people to talk to there. If I were to go to BYU I think I would live there. I love the people and wards! :)

Well, I think that’s about all! I love you and hope your week is great! Transfers are next week so I'll let you know then! :)


Sister Balero

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