Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lots Of Rain :)

Hey you all :)
This is going to be a shorter email. It was a good week and I feel like a lot happened but at the same time not much haha
Monday we got a new car. The new car scent is so strong that it gives me a sore throat :( but the car is nice :) In the evening we went to a ward FHE. A talent show where 2 of our investigators were. It was super fun! haha. Lots of funny acts! Monday it also rained :)
Tuesday it rained :) and we had some lessons
Wednesday it almost rained. and we were given wayy too many sweets
Thursday we had a really neat chapel tour with the Mckinnons and went and took ritas custard to one of our former investigators :)
Friday we had a lesson with Simon. It was really neat. He basically volunteered to read the Book of Mormon. He has such a sincere desire to act and find out the truth for himself. His prayers at the end of our lessons are so sincere. We also had a lesson with our other new investigator. It was kindof a frustrating lesson but it was good. I hope he receives his answer as well.
Saturday we did some service during the day. Thank goodness the elders could come and help because that birdhouse was not going to be built by three unexperienced women. Then there was a party for all the housing complexes we covered so we crashed it and talked to a bunch of people. That was really good. 
Sunday it rained :) And we had a lot of meetings. Our 3 less actives who said they would be at church werent :( But simon came :) and stayed all three hours :) We also met a really neat recent convert :) 
So basically that was all for the week. Hopefully i will have more to report on next week :)
Oh and I have officially been out for 15 Months! crazy!!

Love you!
Sister Balero

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