Monday, September 15, 2014

Is September Really Half Over?

This week went by really fast for some reason. The work has been picking up so we find ourselves running round a lot more. 
Monday we didnt stop all day. My companion had a bunch of things that she wanted to do so we didnt even have time to stop and eat dinner. We had FHE with the Ha...'s which was super fun. We shared a lesson and then played Hucklebuckle Beanstalk and totally related it to the message. The kids loved it and it was so much fun to see them love our traditional FHE game. Tuesday there was a big flash flood and then everyone cancelled so although the flooding didnt last very long we were soaking all day and walking all day. 
Wednesday I couldnt walk because of all the walking we did the day before in wet shoes it created a huge blister covering the whole bottom of my foot. ouch. At one point we were walking campus and a girl stopped us and asked if we had a minute. We did so we sat down with her and she started just bawling telling us that she was having a hard time and couldnt feel the spirit and doesnt know why she is here. It was so hard to see her like that but I was so glad she trusted us to see us and talk to us so that she could let out all of her feelings that were overwhelming her. 
Thursday our dinner cancelled on us and that same sweet girl texted us and offered to feed us. It was so sweet. 
Saturday was the sat evening session of stake conference which was really good. The speakers were all great besides the fact that no one got much time because one of the first speakers assigned to talk 7 minutes talked for 25...My patience was being really tried. haha. 
Sunday morning was the regional stake conference. We got to attend at the Marriot center. It was super cool. We heard from Elder Nelson and Elder Scott. They were really great. Elder Scott talked about prayer and our personal communication with God. It was really great :) Then in the evening we taught a couple of good lessons. One of our investigators wanted to go to the temple so after scrambling for a ride we got to the temple walked around and had our lesson there. 
Besides that one of our investigators dropped us after inviting his friend to come and him making a point to prove us wrong and then one of our investigators on date told us he doesnt know if its true and doesnt really care. That was really hard. I feel like I keep giving my everything for these people and each  person I have taught here is so prepared and then they just drop it all. Lots of emotions this week. 
Well thats a very rough draft of the week but thats all I've got. Love you lots!

Sister Balero

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