Monday, September 22, 2014

Captain America is one of our Ward Mission Leaders!

So lots happened this week. Lets see if I can remember all of the important things
Monday. Was supposed to be relaxing but I spent all my relaxing time writing letters. haha. I wrote for 4 hours straight. I got more mail that week than I had for the whole month before. haha. Now I think I am going to have a mail drought for a little. Monday night we had an FHE with a recent convert which was good.
Wednesday we got to teach a couople of seminary classes which was cool. It was neat to testify and share some experiences. It gave me time to refelct and really feel the spirit as I recognized how much I have grown and been led by the spirit on my mission. I really wanted those kids to understand the joy that comes from serving the Lord and how blessed I feel to be a missionary even through all the hard times.
Thursday was a good day. We met with the Mc's and N. I love them both. N was so sweet. Everytime we meet with her she just tells us how much she loves what we teach her and she wishes she had understood it earlier. During the lesson she caught herself taking the Lords name in vain and she asked are we not supposed to say that? And we explained that we use God's name reverently and respectfully. She then corrected herself throughout the lesson. At the end she prayed and crying apologized for taking his name in vain and that she didnt mean it disrespectfully and asked for forgiveness. It was something so simple but so powerful to see how much it meant to her. 
Later we went to the farmers market. There is always people to talk to. One of the venders gave us some fun milk. I got peach milk! haha. It was pretty good but definitely different. We then went to a ward party and ate dinner and talked to some people. We then went to a lesson with J. Last lesson he started to have some doubts and concerns but this lesson he seemed so confident. He kept saying WHEN I get baptized. He is so ready! And I am so happy for him. We then had a coordination meeting with one of our YSA stakes. When getting the names and numbers of the ward mission leaders one of them said his name Steve Rogers.... Immediately I thought...You are captain america and I just got your number! hahaha. He probably gets that a lot. I'm glad I didn't say anything out loud. 
Friday I woke up with a stomach pain. We had a meeting in the morning and a lot of walking in the heat. We had an interview with one of our investigators being baptized. she is so sweet! I love her!  Then we had lots of weekly planning. I didnt feel very great all day. We then realized we had no sister to come with us to our lesson with a new investigator. Since he is male then we can't even teach him unless a female is with us. We were desperate because we have been trying for weeks to meet with him to lots of complications and we finally were. Everyone was busy or on dates so I facebooked Kenedy and said. Please tell me you are free and can come right now to a lesson and she could :) Such a tender mercy. So our area is experiencing a little bit of a drought right now. We feel like we are doing everything we can but we can't find any work and any work we do have, the investigators don't seem to really have a desire or are really slipping away. And it has been super hard. We have been praying and praying for prepared people to teach. We went into S's lesson and he was so prepared. He told us about the temple and how he could feel such a peace on the grounds and how he felt like there was a reason he was in Utah and that he never wants to leave because he loves it. And he told us a lady saw him in a restaurant and asked him if he had ever read the Book of Mormon and when he said no she asked if he wanted to and he said yes so she gave him her personal copy and he knew it must be important. We put him on date for baptism next month and he was so accepting. It was a miracle. The only problem is he is native Spanish speaking even though he is fluent in English and insists on being taught in English he will have to be taught by the Spanish Elders. It was the hardest thing to do. I cried as I prayed for the strength to be obedient and keep the order of his vineyard. I thought I would feel at peace as I texted the elders that they could teach him but I just got the sickest feeling and couldn't sleep all night. I have felt unsettled since. I guess we just have to wait and see now. 
Saturday was really hard. I still wasn't feeling great and we had no lessons planned because our few cancelled. Our numbers were really low this week :( We spent a lot of time trying to contact leadership and recent converts and studying. It was an off day.
Sunday was really good. We got to watch one of the broadcasts of one of the sessions of the Ogden Temple rededication. It was super neat. One thing that really stood out is that it's not just a temple rededication but a time to rededicate ourselves to the Lord. The prophet said we need to Love the temple. Appreciate the temple. And Attend the temple. I hadn't been feeling great all week but yesterday was the worst. I have had this stabbing stomach pain right under where my ribs are. Its beginning to worry me a little. We met a new investigator but he was immediately dropped when he wasn't even willing to pray to know the truth of the things we taught. That was hard. We stopped by a recent convert though and that was super good. She has been having a really rough time and last week got really bad but she shared with us the answers to prayer she finally received and how good things are and how her testimony has been strengthened. I am so happy because I have been so worried for her. She is back on the right track. Tender mercy. We also didnt have dinner so we stopped by the h's and they fed us. WE had yams :) YUMMY :)
Then the biggest tender mercy We got to go to the temple this morning! I have missed it so much. The peace is so strong and I needed that. It was perfect timing right after the dedication and also when not being able to take the sacrament for multiple weeks has started to take its toll.

Well I think that is about all. lots of ups and downs but what is a mission for. I love you all!
Sister Balero

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