Monday, May 19, 2014

Music Recording

Hola Family!
So this week wasn't a very exciting week. Honestly most of it is a blur. haha
Monday we had a zone activity which was fun. One of the sisters in our district told us funny old stories while she crocheted. haha Then we had dinner at dusty's which was really good.
This week we did the recording. We were going to record for mothers day but then didn't have time but then we got a call from the daughter of one of our fellowshippers who couldn't stop talking about the song that we had sung in church and asked if we could record it for her mom whose sister had just passed away. It was complicated haha. We had a crazy week. But found an hour time slot and had to do it within that time frame. He then asked if we wanted to send it home so we did. Not the best recording but we got it done and it was still a good experience.
Wednesday night we invited some investigators and less actives to come to this free community concert that was Jessie Clark Funk and Daniel Beck so we got to attend with them. One of our investigators-The for sure going one- Sprained her ankle really bad though and couldn't come. We didn't get to stay for the whole thing because we had a coordination meeting but it was sooo good! They are amazing! 
Friday was our zone conference which was really good :) President is so inspired. He always seems to know exactly what each of us needs. We also got asked to sing as we showed up to zone conference so we had to run home and grab some music and sing. haha. Good thing we've sung that song a bajillion times. haha
Sister Volmer wasnt feeling good saturday so we stayed in most of the day.
Sunday we went to church at the villa and each had to speak and then sang. We then went to multiple linger longers and then taught some lessons. After reporting numbers we went to the eddingtons who were having cake waffles and singing after seminary graduation. They were delicious. Just a cake mix in the waffle iron and then a scoop of ice cream and syrups on top. yum yum!
Well, I think thats about it. Love you lots!

Sister Balero

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