Tuesday, May 6, 2014

One Year Come and Gone

May 5 
Well it has been a crazy but really good week for the most part :) And I forgot my notes...again.
Monday was really boring. I ended up falling asleep. oops! We had 3 lessons that night which was good :) One was Dusty the lesson before that I said was my total teaching by the spirit lesson. He said he had a couple of rough weeks but knew it was coming because that lesson was so powerful and has really stuck with him and thanked me again. Really it was the spirit teaching but it is a blessing to see the spirit work through me because I was able to listen and follow it and be worthy to have it.  And our last appt gave us each John Bytheway CDs to listen to and we love them but have realized how much we drive because we are almost done with the first set. haha. A break from the music we are sick of though.
Tuesday was a busy day all day which was awesome :) We read like we do all tuesdays. I love the ultimate gift and am excited to finish it in a couple of weeks. Its hard to have to wait a week to read more. Sometimes its hard to remember we are only doing it for service because we get so excited and in to it. haha
Wednesday we went on exchanges which were good except for the first time we had a bunch of dead time and nothing to do and felt like I was totally lazy. The lessons that day were really good though. My companion for the day and I were really good at equalizing our teaching which was nice. 
Wednesday was my year mark!! :)We first had ZTM in the morning which was good :) We had a dutch oven dinner at the felkins and burned my skirt :) It was awesome! I love them :) We then had two really good lessons in the evening. It was a good day :)
Friday we had our long weekly planning session and then more really good lessons :)
Saturday was awesome as well. We filled our empty day with productive things to do :) We ate lunch at home and then i realized I had no food so I ate a small bowl of cereal and was starving. I remeber saying a prayer that I would be able to find food or last until dinner. We were then invited to the stake baptisms. We were 20 minutes late and they were all over. We were bummed. The girl we were going to the dad is excommunicated and so the priest age son baptized the 8year old. The rest of the family was really active. So I updated some teaching records in the chapel and then the mom saw us and invited us over to lunch. So I got lunch and we got into the home :) It was awesome and an answer to prayer. We then had a lesson with a couple who are impossible to teach. They like to talk and will tell a 10 minute story about a bunny cupcake in the middle of our repentance lesson. True story. But they were quiet and listened and it was short but powerful as they said they needed to go back to church. We then stopped by the Wildas and talked and she made us this strawberry lemonade and chocolate peanut butter ice creams that were delicious! :) Yum! and then we had another lesson that goes about the same as the other couple and it went really well too!
Then Sunday we went to church all day which was really good! WE havent had like ANYONE at church for weeks and so many people came!! It was awesome! There is one less active who took himself to church last week and came again with his wife this week. We werent in his ward but heard he bore his testimony. I taught the restoration to them on exchanges. We had been trying to get into that home but struggling and then we finally did and then last night found out HES NOT A MEMBER! Tender Mercy! We have been struggling to find investigators and we didnt even know we were already working with one who was progressing! We were so happy! Everyone told us he was less active because they assumed he was a member! :) yay! That was neat! We helped the felkins prepare their dinner in one of our dead times and then we headed to dinner...starving...it had been a full 24 hours when we got there and they invited us in and said. so its not done so do you want to just share your thought first? It ended up being 20 minutes later. haha.  Hawaiian haystacks! My favorite! In the evening we went to singing again which was good :) 
So I know there was more than that but that is all I can really remember. 
I love you! have a great week
Sister Balero

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