Monday, June 16, 2014

News From BYU

It has been a long hard week. I found out I was leaving Roosevelt which was really sad but I was super excited to go to a new area and be more involved with the work. So Monday and Tuesday were goodbyes. Tuesday night we spent with the Felkins and cracked open the piƱata :) So transfers were Wednesday morning sister volmer isn't allows to lift anything heavy so I packed the car all on my own. It only took me 20 minutes :) and then we had the long drive to the transfer chapel. My new area is BYU central with sister Hinkson. She has been out 7 months. We cover 5 stakes on campus (certain complexes like the riviera, glenwood, Helaman halls, and heritage halls) and one family stake. Because not as many people are here for spring semester the work is extremely slow. We have about 10 people in our teaching pool and we are not actively teaching all of them. It's been a really hard adjustment from my last 2 areas. I guess I got too comfortable because I am now way out of my comfort zone with trying to find. And we have had some interesting dinners all in the family wards...There have been a couple of nice families. There is a bishop's family-the Harrison's-who are awesome :) we helped them make muddy buddies :)

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