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June 23
Hello all!
So this week there was a bunch of ups and downs so let's see if I can get through them all. First things first I forgot something from last week. We went to the temple! Yay! But I forgot to bring my family name :(
Okay so Monday we had a district activity. If you can even call it that. Haha. We were going to hike to a waterfall in the canyon that you can stand under and we were so excited! The elders said they knew where they were going but they really didn't so we spent most of our day and a bajillion miles following them in our car by ourselves. And so we decided to walk around this little creek we found instead. As we headed put we found the waterfall and kind of slapped our faces. Haha. On the way back home there is this other waterfall called bridal veil which is a super easy hike so we decided to do it as a companionship. It wasn't bad. Then we went to a couple houses for a lesson. The whole day was kind of a disappointment to something we had been looking forward to. By the end of the day we were just ready to go straight to bed. When we came home we found our door heart attacked :) it was so sweet. We were trying to figure out who did it and we saw a gift bag and inside was some muddy buddies :) so we knew it was the Harrison family but they'll never admit it because we didn't admit heart attacking them a couple of weeks ago. But definitely a tender mercy.
Tuesday we had exchanges. I was with Sister Nielson which was neat. I got to teach some lessons which was nice. I feel so rusty though because I haven't been teaching much lately. We also had a good dinner of breakfast :) yum. Also their landlords are relatives of the klines so I got to see McKinley who is in town. She is expecting her mission call soon :)
Wednesday we exchanged back. We met with people. Dinner was great. We had a delicious lasagna and a yummy salad with Catalina dressing. I was skeptical of it but it was way yummy! The person we ate with was a girl who was just married and she invited her friend over because her husband wouldn't make it back on time. They were high school friends and then I asked them when they graduated and they said 2013 and I kind of freaked out that they were both younger than us. I can't even imagine myself married. 20 even feels too young! They were a lot of fun though so the dinner conversation was nice.
Thursday we had a full day with no down time. Down side we knocked a bunch of doors on the hot sun and no one was home. We were inviting members around a complex to the ward activity. We had another good dinner too :)
Friday we planned and then we filled our dead afternoon hours walking around campus and talking with people. People make themselves hard to talk to. Either avoiding you or walking fast or talking on the phone. There were so many people though between new student orientation for summer and efy. The efy counselors were screaming and cheering for us. It was so embarrassing. Haha. By the end we were dying from all the walking in he heat and were headed to dinner. I was telling sister hinkson how badly I wanted a drink of cold water and how I really hoped that they already had the water on the table and dinner ready so we didn't have to wait a half hour longer to get something to drink like most nights. I also was tellin her that I really hoped we had something cold to eat like a salad. A salad sounded so good. So we go to the house and I see ice water on the table. Check☑️ And then she looked at me and said you told me you like pork right? I had totally forgotten but she had asked us weeks ago what we didn't get often that we would like to be fed and I said pork. Because we get so much chicken and lasagna and noodles and stuff. So she said well I figure the best pork comes from costa vida check☑️ True. What I hadn't told her that is is that that was exactly what I was thinking. Haha. So then she said so I hope you like costa vida salads check ☑️ I was dying! Answer to prayers! So heavenly! And then after she gave us chocolate chip cookies!! And they were totally toll house check☑️My favorite! And she was so sweet too! She was talking about her two girls. Her first has a major disability and wasnt supposed to live. she was there and the way she talked about her was so touching. she was saying that she cant communicate but that she feels like God allows her to communicate the way we did in Heaven. And that she has the ability to show love so deeply even so. She also cant see but she says that shell look around at times and she knows that she someone is there with them. 
Saturday we had Francis's baptism which was a neat experience. And then we had a bunch of appts throughout the day with Ward Mission Leaders and service and one teaching. 
Sunday I wasnt feeling well all day but our schedule was packed. We had Francis's confirmation and spoke in sacrament and then Went to other church meetings. They were all really good and exactly things I needed to hear. In one of the Wards a girl came up to talk to us and I was like I know you! She didnt recognize me but it was Marissa Avila! It was neat to see her. I realized it has been almost 8 years since they moved! crazy! 
Well Thats about all! I hope you are doing well! I love you!

Sister Balero

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