Monday, July 28, 2014

4th of July

Hey family!
So This has been a crazy week. 
Secondly I am so sick of everyone talking about getting married. Its like a curse. Especially on campus...I need like bug spray!
Thirdly Sister Hinkson and I will be staying together for transfers

Okay so starting with Monday I guess. We had dinner with a new ward mission leader which was good :) Then we taught a couple of FHEs which were awesome :)
Tuesday we taught our 2 new investigators who are now progressing :) They are so prepared! We also made some popcorn with a cute saying for some of our YSA Ward Mission Leaders because I feel like they dont get recognized much for all they do! The deliveries on the other hand were all extremely awkward in their own way. A few weren't home and their roomates were confused and then the WMLs who were home all seemed confused and kept asking how they could help us. haha. 
Wednesday something must have happened...I have no clue what haha
Thursday we got skirts that Sister Harrison made for us for the 4th! They are adorable!! Then that night everyone camped outside our house prepping for the parade and were cheering and screaming all night so I didn't sleep :(
Friday was awesome! We walked in the parade! I saw Jessica, the Egberts, Brooklyn (Dyck), and Mindy Strong, Grant Gallinger and also Aubrey Hunt. I think that was all. It was so HOT! But the parade was fun! Then we went and did service at the freedom festival which was good :)  Then we had our district activity and watched frozen :) It was so good!! And it was so much fun! Our District Leader is about to go home so when he heard both for the first time in forever and Love is an open door he was like that is my song! haha. It was great :)
Saturday we didnt do much. We tried but everyone was out of town.
Sunday was really good. We fasted and I wasnt even really hungry all day which is amazing. and then we went to lots of church. And in the evening we taught Desciree which was really good! The spirit was strong and she is progressing!! I love her so much and can't wait for her to recognize her answer.
I think that was about it. Sorry it's a shorter less detailed week. But I love you and can't wait to keep rocking BYU Campus :)

Sister Balero

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