Monday, June 16, 2014


June 16

This week is a blur. We went up to 9 lessons this week. haha 

Monday we shopped and then played a board game with an 80yr old recent convert.

Tuesday we got dropped by one of our only investigators :( And we got our ipads updated which means we can’t get wifi on campus anymore :( But we do get to check our email daily :) We just can't reply until Monday. And we get the Facebook app which is nice :)

Wednesday we had to take our car in to be checked and ate popcorn and tried not to watch the TV right next to us with previews for Maleficent. That night we had bishop meetings to try and find work and the building we were in had insitiute classes going on for Jessicas stake and I peeked my head into the classroom and there she was :) Then afterwards I got to go and talk to her because we needed to talk to her boyfriend who is the Ward mission leader about a nonmember we had just talked to their bishop about. haha. It’s probably the only time I will see her though because now she is moving out of my area.  

Thursday we had a really delicious dinner for the first time in forever! YUMMY! And then we had lessons with Francis and then J.

Francis is good :)

J flat out told us she wouldn’t read the Book of Mormon and will not change religious beliefs but she does like meeting with us and wants to learn more. It broke my heart :( Maybe one day things will change though. Then we had a stake coordination meeting and only 2 WMLs showed up. It was really frustrating.

Friday we planned and heart attacked all day. We were dying because we have nothing to do and are out of ideas! We have no names to even stop by :( I dont know what else to do. It’s hard. We keep getting referrals too and all ones that aren't ours so we keep handing off more work to other missionaries :( That night I got a blessing from a bishop but I feel like It wasn't really for me that I felt prompted. When it was over my comp and his wife both had tears in their eyes. Their daughter is serving in alaska right now and they said she is going through the same kind of thing I am so I felt almost like I was being their daughter they could bless in that moment and my companion was sobbing saying that’s what she needed to hear. Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Saturday I was really frustrated and dont even want to talk about it. But we did contact a referral that we found out wasnt ours but she is really cool and seems really prepared. She is from Bangladesh and told us that if she joins our church she wants to serve a mission! haha

Sunday Was a good and busy day! We had bishop meetings and a really awesome sacrament meeting! There was this really incredible talk given by the called that day Ward Mission Leader who we were then told didn’t find out he was speaking until he saw his name on the program 10 minutes before it started. We were all shocked! haha. It was so good and everything touched me so much with what I needed to hear. Then Francis had his baptismal interview so we are good to go for next weekend :) And then taught a couple of lessons :) 


So thats the brief version of my long week. I love you and miss you and hope I have more to report on next week!


Sister Balero

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