Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Week

SO this week was a LONG week.
Monday we went bowling as a district for our last Pday before transfers.  It was really fun :) And then we had some good lessons.
Tuesday and Wednesday were just kindof normal teaching days. We are reading the Ultimate gift at the Villa for our service. IT is so good! :) Way better than the last book!
Thursday night I had an awesome experience of teaching by the spirit. We were going on splits and I thought Sister Volmer was going to that appt so I didnt prepare anything and on the 5 minute drive over was trying to scramble around. It was not good but All of a sudden an idea came and then it continued to build and I know it was exactly what he needed. The spirit was so strong and we had a super good discussion. It was awesome! And I know that it wasnt me but the spirit teaching that night!
Then Friday morning we got to go to the temple because one of the less actives sister volmer was working with before I got here was being sealed to her parents and husband. I was so grateful to be in the temple again. The whole group was all old ladies in wheelchairs and it was so complicated to fit them all in and move them around. haha. It was so funny! But so sweet the happiness on the ladys face as she knew she would now be with her family forever :) Since we were in Vernal we ate at the new Dennys that opened up :) Ive missed Dennys. It was crazy busy though. We got biscuits and gravy with hashbrowns :) And I got the chocolate peanut butter shake because I knew that is what daddy would get :) And I finally found some melatonin (what the mission pres suggested to help me sleep) It has been good and bad. I have been able to sleep really well for about 4 hours but then I wake up and can't fall back asleep because it has probably started wearing off.:( 
Saturday we had the Hackford's baptism which was awesome :) They are incredible :) Honestly I feel a special connection with them because they are so ready and prepared. It's rare to find people like that and from what I've heard gma and gpa Balero were like them and it's almost as if I have had the priveledge to teach them in a way :)
Sunday was easter and their confirmation. Sister Volmer and I also sung in Sacrament. 
Throughout the day we just went and spent time with members and shared an easter message with the because of him video :) It was good :) And the first holiday in a while I havent been sick! Thank goodness :)
For Lunch and dinner we had cheesy potatoes, ham rolls and green beans and for lunch there was even jello :) It made me happy knowing you were probably eating the same thing back home :) The felkins made us a little candy bag when they found out we hadnt gotten anything. It was so sweet. They made us a sack lunch the day before as well when we had our baptism during dinner. 
Overall it was a good week just hard to find fellowshippers because it was spring break and easter weekend so EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM were out of town. haha
Well I love you and hope your easter was great :) 
Sister Balero

Some quotes
Remo in a prayer twice haha "Please bless the people doing transfers that they won't transfer OUR missionaries"

us: So you know why we follow the commandments?
A kid we are teaching: SO no ones a jerk!

And last sunday a woman we are teaching got up and bore her testimony and said I'm grateful that the sister missionaries are coming over and teaching me. It was so sweet :)

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