Monday, April 14, 2014

Hola! It's TRANSFERS!!!

April 14 
Hola! It's TRANSFERS!!! It's amazing how fast time goes. I have also noticed that every amount of time is now in terms of transfers. That habit is probably going to take a while to get out of off the mission. Haha. So drum roll........
We are staying together :) The only downside is that I won't be able to say goodbye to Sister Tjong-Ayong before she heads home to Suriname.
This week has been pretty low key. The weather has an attitude though. Most of the week it was between 70 and 80 then Saturday it dropped and was super windy but not bad and Sunday the weather was bipolar. It was super warm and then windy then way rainy and the next minute it was hailing and snowing and then warm again. But no roast and potatoes :)
We had bunches of lessons. Still not quite where we would like them though. Yesterday we went to teach The Hunts and Remo made us each bracelets and then in his prayer prayed "Please bless that they won't leave us at transfers please" it was so cute and then he told us that we had to meet before transfers just in case one of us was transferred.
Saturday we went to a ward party and had cotton candy :) and then we watched The Testaments at the Smiths. They are awesome :) we watched Saturday Afternoon conference with them. They fed us again and it was delicious as always :) I forgot how cheesy that movie is. I guess you don't notice as much on a tiny screen. It is the best to quote though.  Haha.
Last but not least the Ha...'s are getting baptized this Saturday :) That will be great! They are truly incredible!
This is a short one but I think that's it for this week :) LOVE YA! :)
Sister Balero

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