Monday, June 17, 2013


Well I have way too much to tell you than I have time for!
Tuesday...WE GOT AN INVESTIGATOR! It was so exciting!! She has been wanting to be baptized since she was 12 but has been in Foster care and has not had permission. She is turning 18 on July 4th though and can finally be baptized! The only bummer is that our first lesson with her is when we went on exchanges. :'( So I have not met with her yet.
That night we went to a Progressive dinner in one of the wards which was awesome because we got to know the members better and build their trust and got to meet some less actives and a nonmember! 
One tender experience I witnessed. The nonmember stopped a lady in the ward as she was on her way out and said "Let me know if you need any help because I know what it's like to be a single mom because I was one." The other lady said thank you with tears in her eyes and left. If only all of us could be that receptive to peoples needs and kindly do what we can to let them know that we are there for them when they need it.
 Wednesday I got my package with 2 letters and 4 letters in the mail! And the day before 3 letters! It was awesome! I love getting mail! :) We also had the trek fireside that day! It was great! I felt the spirit so strong!! And memories came flooding back!
Thursday we went to the temple which was great. We then went on exchanges which were good. I love being able to teach but its hard when the only time I do teach is on exchanges! And back in our area I was missing our investigator lesson and they had 5 lessons which is more than we have even had in a week so far. I guess I will have plenty of opportunities in the future though! The Jensens remind me of us though and its our 3rd Payson family! haha. The other family is the Phillips!
The Phillips are awesome! I love them to death! They all remind me of Fairy in their own way but the youngest McKenzie especially. We have been spending a lot of time together and they are awesome! And they are all sooo talented!! The oldest Megan wants to serve a mission and she writes and plays songs on the guitar! She is incredible! I could listen to her forever! She gave us a CD of one song she went and recorded and it is amazing! She is so talented!! We listen to it on repeat and told her she better record more! Even if its just with an Ipad or something! You have no idea! so Friday night was Amanda- the middle girl's birthday so we went over and played volleyball with them and had cake and icecream and sang songs together! It was so much fun! 
We got some new skirts! Momma helps with sorting donations and stuff so she got a bunch of free skirts! Now I have 3 more than I had!
Yesterday was Fathers day! Happy Fathers day! And for breakfast we had a delicious breakfast at mom and dads. And then we had two dinners planned! Thank goodness one of them changed it to lunch. So we ate breakfast for lunch at the Phillips and then we had dinner later.
So that's my week in a nutshell!
A couple of last things.
Also one of these past weeks 940 missionaries entered the MTC! That's a record!

Oh and I got a small package with sticky notes and thank you cards from Sister Harrison which was awesome! I can't wait to use them! :)
Well I think I got everything! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU LOTS!!! :)
Sister Balero

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