Okay so this week has been all over the place! First of all HAPPY FATHERS DAY ON SUNDAY! I can't wait for you to get my card! :) Secondly, Megan- I cannot wait until you enter the MTC this Wednesday! YOU WILL LOVE IT! :)
Tuesday was pretty much the best day ever because WE GOT A CAR!! It is a beautiful 2013 Toyota Corolla. The only downfall is its not a Camry! haha. We were crazy and dancing all over the place when we heard the news! We first introduced out beautiful car to the Batman soundtrack and we named him Bane! Cade Farmer will appreciate this! haha.
We then found out that we had to do exchanges the next day and were frustrated but they needed to be done. So we had a training meeting Wednesday morning and I got to see some MTC friends Sister Hadley, Sister Rees and Elder Niuia-Tofa! It was great to catch up with them! I then went on exchanges. I got to teach for the first time!! It was awesome! I just focused on the people and I loved the experience because of it! I definitely missed Sister Reynolds though!
I feel like this is so short but I don't think there is anything else of importance to report. Just one last experience I had. I was thinking about the age change and how it affected so many individuals and how many of them felt like it was an answer to prayer as I did and we knew it was for us immediately. I think we were all foreordained to be a part of this change to be that group to start this last final big wave of the gospel. And the spirit touched us when we heard the change. We knew because the spirit brings us into remembrance of the things we knew before. We remembered our plan. We knew it was our own God given plan then because we knew it before and we were prepared and excited for that experience! How cool is that! It really hit me.
Also I was reading Alma 4 yesterday and the people were afflicted because of the loss of their brethren. But it says they were awakened to a remembrance of their duty and began to establish the church and thousands were converted because of their diligence. We may struggle or be weighed down but we need to remember our purpose and as we focus on that we will forget our struggles and experience great joy because of those we will bring unto Christ and the joy they will experience!
I love you all and thank you for all of your letters and words of support and encouragement! I really appreciate it! You're all wonderful!

Your Sister in the Gospel,
Sister Balero