Monday, November 3, 2014


Another week where I have no idea what has happened! haha
This week we just had a lot of walking and talking and little lessons here and there. Tuesday I got Christa's package :) It made me so happy :) We got to go to institute which was really good and answered a bunch of the concerns I have had with going home. We went to the farmers market on Thursday like normal. :) We had president interviews on Friday which was really good :) Saturday we got chocolate milk for dinner. Good day ;) And Sunday we talked to one of our recent converts P... and he got the priesthood and when he found out he could get a limited use temple recommend he just lit up! It was so sweet! He was so excited and went immediately to go hunt down the bishop and was trying to figure out the soonest he could go :) We also met with A... and she made some brownies especially for us. It was so sweet! Well that's a really short week but it was good! I'm looking forward to what this week will bring :)

Sister Balero

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