Monday, November 3, 2014

Hunters and Fishers

I have like no energy to write this week. Next weeks gonna be awful! haha. 
This Monday we had a zone activity which was fun! we totally won. it was a photo scavenger hunt type thing. And we acted out a ton of bible and book of mormon stories. haha. Everyone expected to get rides so we just laughed after when they realized that you don't get rides here in Provo. (they all have cars)
Tuesday we went to a relief society activity in the evening and did a little bit of zumba with them. it was fun! I miss zumba
Wednesday we met with M! I love her. we also went to mutual with the laurels of a ward. They were writing letters to missionaries and then we got to answer their questions and concerns about serving a mission. It was cool.
Friday was Halloween. We got to watch chronicles of narnia and play kickball as a district. it was fun! :) I also got to talk to sister H... and found out she was an elementary ed major and switched it to what I'm doing now. that gave me some peace and confidence in my decision. 
Saturday we ate dinner with Christa's visiting teaching companion and her grandparents. it was super fun! we couldn't stop laughing. 
Yesterday we had a few lessons that were really good. That's about all though! 
I'll write a letter today with any more detail I think of. Love you lots!

Sister Balero

I forgot to tell you why my email was labeled that.
We were talking to a ward mission leader and he told us.
"right now you are hunters and fishers of men and pretty soon you're gonna be hunters and fishers of a man." hahaha
so funny!

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