Monday, October 13, 2014

General Conference

Well. It has been a LONG week. I dont know why but it seems like decades ago that I last sat at a computer to email. 
Monday I thought we were going to have lots of time and had little to none instead. We went out with sister B like we normally do and then went up to the canyon. Just past Vivian Park. ( All of the stories President Monson talks about being in Provo canyon are there.) And in the canyon we finally got show and tell. The thing about show and tell though is that we cant talk about show and tell. So I have been waiting months to see and I can tell you that it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life! I wish I could say more. I am just so grateful for all that I have and for the temple that seals us together as families. That evening we met with M to get her baptism record signed and we found out that she didnt know anything about her FHE group. She missed the first one and now she has been totally out of the loop. It made me so sad. So we had our own personal little FHE with her and bought her ice cream after. She is seriously the sweetest thing! I love her!
Tuesday through friday was just full of teaching and finding and meeting.
Saturday we watched the morning session with sister B which was good. Then we went to the H's for the afternoon session. 
Sunday was long. We watched the first session in the morning with some YSA girls and S. One of the girls made cinnamon rolls! Total tender mercy. Then we went to sister B's again. We had some other places we wanted to go but none of them worked out. She fed us in between and the conference report stuff was on the TV in the background. There was a snipit that showed some sister missionaries coming home and hugging their families and crying and it became real and i just started bawling and couldnt stop to save my life. I'm not ready to come home. The thought is just overwhelming. I know there will be good things about it but it was so hard to see it become reality. We then had 2 baptismal interviews which both went well even thought hey took forever haha. It will be a good next week. 5 weeks left. That is insane. I love you all and wish i had more to report. 

Sister Balero

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