Saturday, May 4, 2013

First P-day!

There is so much to say and definitely not enough time! First thing: I am here safe and sound! yay! Number 2, so I don't forget I'm just going to tell you who I've seen! I've been surprised to see so many people I know! I saw Jill ( Forte choreographer) in the airport, Elder Hunt, Sister Roberts, Sister Rhoten, Sister Heathcoat?, Elder Peterson, Elder Miller, and Brother Turner. Next, I am actually in the MTC for 14 days which is awesome BUT this means I will be in the MTC for Mother's day and I have been told I am not allowed to call because there are too many missionaries. :'( Maybe my mission president will let me call a couple days late? I guess we'll have to see. So today we have a full P-day. Most people only get half of one and most none at all the first week! Our sister training leader said that she has never heard of missionaries getting a full P day on their first week. So I guess we're just special! haha. Except on Pday I struggle to focus because there is so much down time so besides email priviledges I would rather have a normal day! Also I don't have my mail yet so I dont know if you have written me yet. Only District leaders are allowed to check the mail. Hopefully I will get mail soon. Someone said I have a small package but I have no idea other than that. Dear Elder seems to work good although it's the same idea. Also the food is really good or really gross depending on what you choose to eat. Mostly good though! The other thing is that we get to go to the temple on Pday but our time is at 6:30 so joy! We have to be at the temple when I would be getting up! Perfect for me right? haha...yeah...The Provo temple is incredibly different from both the Rexburg and Columbia River. I love all the missionaries in my district. Especially the sisters! There are 6 of us and all in one room and then 3 Elders. One Elder (Elder Niuia Tofa) is from New Zealand and I could listen to him talk all day! haha. He always will say something and then say " Thats what we say in New Zealand? Ok. so I lied!I was just given my mail which is my skirt and the Dear Elder letters. I will have to wait to read them because of time though. Another thing is tulips are planted EVERYWHERE! Total tender mercy! I think my companion is sick of hearing me go on and on about how much I love tulips! :D My companion Sister Diaz is from Kansas is super sweet! She is from Kansas and quiet but has such great spiritual insights! She is great! She is also a english major at BYU and Loves Doctor who along with sister Lasson! She reminds me a lot of Amelia in interests though. The spirit is incredible here. Although I miss you all I feel so at home here and at peace knowing completely that this is where I need to be! Oh and I keep getting bloody noses. Not so cool.  I wrote 111 on my idea why...and I definitely needed notes for this! Sunday is fast sunday again but itll be good! :) There is just too much to say. I have really learned that a lot of people try so hard to prove their point that they lose the spirit. The most important part is testifying!! Also really knowing and understanding the investigator personally. Just a couple more things because Elder Niuia Tofa is waiting.  Read D&C 64:33-34, 31:3, and 38:24-25. And one thing I was told: Christ is the reason, Love is the motive, The spirit is the means, and Preach my Gopsel is the method! Awesome right! Oh and Preach my Gospel wasn't designed for missionaries. It was designed so that anyone who would read it would become converted unto the Lord!
Well I love you lots and have definitely spent way to much time but keep me in your prayers as I keep you in mine!
Sister Balero

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