Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Being at the MTC is like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant..."

Again, so much has happened this week. I don't even know where to start. Well first HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! AND HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOMMY!! I LOVE YOU BOTH!! Also Happy Birthday to Grandma Sant!
Ok, so my tooth (which you are waiting to know about). I waited to see what the doctor said about my tooth at my appointment yesterday. He looked at it (the bottom left) and it is the one that is in and said that food can get caught under the gums and it is really hard to clean and irritates it and makes it swell and hurt so he is having me just swish around salt water 3 times a day to clean it and if it still is a problem I will probably have to take them out. I have only had the chance to do it once but It already feels much better!
 I felt so relieved but then not even 2 hours later I find out that an Elder in our district has come down with the flu and is in Quarantine . The flu shot was geared towards the wrong strain this year so getting it didn't even help me. The whole district had to come in and we got a prescription we have to take. We had the choice but I decided I better because a girl whose companion got it decided not to take it and she came down with it as well. Another sister in my district has stomach problems and has been to the ER and fainted. Basically our whole district is struggling but I think it has brought us closer together and to the Lord. We haven't gotten much sleep though.
I love the mail I have received! Especially Dear Elder because I get it the day of! There is just way too much to say! I would love if you could send me my cute mission map thing laminated if you can! Also Fairy- I see powerade everytime I am in the cafeteria and think of you!
One random thing is I wish I had a pitch pipe. We dont always have a piano and we always start off key and it drives me crazy! I hope grandpa is doing better! Oh and has Travis gotten his call?? I'm glad Katie ate a taco but really?? haha. Maybe she should try more things now! :p No more bloody noses! :)
I love all the spiritual thoughts especially the one about Spencer Anderson's talk! It was what I needed to hear! I can't wait to hear from Christa more and get pictures!
Next time I talk to you i'll be in the field! Crazy huh? I am so excited though. Even with fake investigators it is an incredible feeling when they finally understand and get that light and love and joy in their eyes! Hopefully I get the mouth guard soon. That seems like itll help! My teacher the other day said "totes inapropes" and it made me think of Kambria! haha. There is seriously too much! I love this saying "Being at the mtc is like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant. You get some water but mostly it just squirts you in the face." haha. But really it is incredible but just so much! On Sunday we listened to a talk by Bednar given at a Christmas Devo a few years ago called The Character of Christ. I don't know if you can watch it outside of the MTC but I would see if it is available because it will change your life!! I seriously have pages of notes I wish I could send to you! Maybe i'll write a handwritten letter after! One thing he said is to get a cheap paper back Book of Mormon and read it all the way through in relation to a question you want answered and then pull it out ponder it  and write a brief summary of what you learned. He then said you should eventually have 400- 500 copies in your book shelf with important questions from your life. He then said if you be that dilligent you will be fully converted to the Lord. We also talked about miracles. One quote, which I think is Russell M. Nelson's wife, says " Obedience brings forth blessings but exact obedience brings forth miracles!"
Well I'm doing great and hope that I got most of everything written! Love you all and hope life is constantly bringing a smile to your face!

Sister Balero

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